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If you emo.

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Q: Is it ok for a boy to wear girls clothes?
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Why does Sonic the Hedgehog not ware cloths?

well do animals have clothes do they put on clothes no ok maybe girls of course maybe sonic does not want to wear clothes all the time

What do 10 year old girls wear?

anything they want to but they cant wear grown up clothes but only if your mom or dad gave it to you then ok

Why do girls wear panties?

Why do you think! Look boys have penises and girls have pussies plus when a girl gets her period the panties helps from getting blood on there clothes! OK!

What kindof clothes do you wear on superbia when ella says fun party clothes when you are a boy?

Mainly blue, OK idiot? I hate these people who can't be bothered to work it out for them selves.

Is it OK for a boy to be in the girls restroom?

Not if its for girls only or not when one is in there if unisex

Is it ok if im a boy and you wear a bra?

Do you mean "Is it Ok if I am a boy and I want to wear a bra?" The answer I'd give is, "Yes it is OK, it is your body and your business. Lots of boys (and men) like to wear items of girls clothes. Athough some boys would make fun of you if they knew (some narrow minded and stupid boys will always pick on anyone different from themselves). I would suggest though that you try and buy some new girls clothes for yourself. There are two main reasons for this. 1) There are always health issues involved in wearing someone elses clothes (you could catch an infection such as an STD). 2) If you "borrow" items of girls clothing without asking permission it is called theft and you'd have to explain what you were doing to the police and your parents if you were caught.

Is it ok for a boy to wear bikini underwear to school?


Is it ok for a boy to wear pads?

There are different kinds.

Is it ok to wear a bra and thong in public?

sure...if you have clothes over them.

Is it OK to wear Hawaiian clothes to school?

I dont think so if your in primary school if you wear uniforn because the rules would be wear your uniform not ordinary clothes

Is it ok for a 14 year old boy to wear thongs?

it is fine for a14 year old boy to wear girls thongs i wear girls thongs and im not gay i just like how they feel i see why girls like wear them very nice to wear they don't ride up you don't know your even wearing one so in my opinion its fine as long as you don't over do it like wear bras and dresses if your doing that its not okay and belive it or not some girls find that hot

Is it ok for a nine year old boy to wear a bra?


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