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It will not hurt it but should not be the only thing they eat as they would die of malnutrition.


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No it isn't ok. Guinea PIg food is made for Guinea Pigs. Your Cavy will get sick if they do eat hamser food.

I don't know if it will make the guinea pig ill, but if it eats if I should be ok.

Of course sugar snap peas are natural and if your guinea pig will eat them they should be ok.

If u have no guinea pig food left it is ok to give ur guinea pigs some weetabix dry. It is ok for them to eat because it is weat and that is good for them!

No. Cardboard is not a dietary requirement for your Guinea pig and can even make him/her sick. Be carful what you feed your guinea pig e.g. DO NOT feed them lettuce.

If the guinea pig is just roaming around the house without protection, then probably. if it's in a locked cage, then it should be ok. a little scared, but ok.

a guinea pig and a mouse aren't the same the guinea pig must have its own type of food like alphalpha pelets and hamsters should eat seeds,nuts,etc. Seeds and nuts are like poison to a guinea pig if the guinea pig and mouse are just eating alphalpha pelets (not seeds) i would say its ok.

its ok, the amount of pee depends on the amount of water your guinea pig has consumed, your guinea pig should be fine.

You can feed them both guinea pig food. Don't feed the guinea pig the rabbit food or it will be sick. Rabbits are ok on guinea pig food.

Yes but it's better for Rabbits to eat Rabbit food,Grass,Hay,And carrots and such

Yes, tomatoes are great for guinea pigs.

go very quiet and grab the guinea pig very calm OK dumb ass's

Guinea Pigs are social animals and ideally, need another Guinea Pig living with them. It is possible to only have one, but if you want your Guinea Pig to be happy, having two would be a better idea.

Not if a guinea-pig eats it, as you have put in the question. It's okay if a guinea-pig chews a piece of fabric, because it will grind their teeth down, which is a good thing.

Yes it is very much ok to leave your guinnea pig alone for the day.

It depends. They certainly wont be aggresive, but if you do, make sure to spay and nueter them.

no if you feed them it, they have 99% of dieing

guinea pigs dont fart, they have no way to remove air from their bodies.

Maybe it doesn't like the food or might not be hungry. If you change the food and it still won't eat, maybe take it to the vets to see if he is ok. Hope it helps. Btw, my guinea pig won't eat either. I'm going to change the food soon and see if that helps.

nibbles the guinea pig is cooler than you but not as cool as me and she is not C.O.O.L as in constipated-overweight-old-lady. ok i guess she is a bit overweight.

its not the best idea coz guinea pigs like getting used to their habitat, and they hate being in cars U nit wit the official hand book says that it is OK

When I got my guinea pig, we didn't know she was pregnant, so about a month later, my sister got one that wasn't pregnant. It was a little less that a month after that that my guinea pig had 2 babies. During that time, though, Molly, the pregnant guinea pig, was acting very territorial, and Milly, the non pregnant guinea pig, was staying by herself and not having anything to do with Molly. So make sure that if you put a pregnant guinea pig with a non pregnant guinea pig, that the non pregnant guinea pig is a girl, or else there WILL be trouble.

Juvenile and adult guinea pigs eat the same food. There isn't puppy and adult food as for dogs. You should include guinea pig pellets, vegetables, timothy and don't forget vitamin C supplements.

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