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Is it ok for your tabby cat to eat snow?

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Snow is only flakes of ice and ice is only water. Let the cat eat snow. If he gets too much he'll only start to have a cold tongue and throat, maybe a brain freeze. No problem.

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What is the masculine for Tabby cat?

A male cat is called a Tom. I do not believe there to be a difference between breeds of cat.

Is it okay for a cat to eat fog food?

it is OK for a cat to eat cat food but in a long time the cat can have problems like blind and alot

Is it ok for a dog to eat cat food?

no...... because the cat food has different nutrients for cats

Is it ok for a kitten to eat cat litter?

No , of course not - it's not food .

Can cat eat dog no ok its impossible.?

of corse cat cant eat dog who ever wrote this must be crazy. of corse cat cant eat dog who ever wrote this must be crazy.

Where are the drink mixes for the tabby cat on build a bear workshop?

Friendship forest park Sportsplex (outside) Sunshine shores marina hope my answer is ok and be my friend, abbeyspirit59! thanks.

Can you feed a cat shrimp?

Yes, it is OK to give cats shrimp to eat.

Is it ok for cats to eat crickets?

yes my cat did and its safe for them too

Can cats eat watercress?

No way. My cat eat watercress and ended up in the vet. He's ok now.

Is it ok for a cat to eat burts bees chap stick?

No, it has peppermint which is toxic to cats.

Is it ok to let more than one cat eat from the same bowl?

i dont no!

Is it ok for cats to eat iguanas?

I don't think so. Just feed your cat cat food; better safe than sorry.

Can cats eat garlic?

my cat had food with garlic in it so garlic in cat food is OK just not whole onions or garlic but most cats don't eat garlic or onions

Is it ok to eat cat food?

yes if your a cat or if u like the taste of cat food it wont hurt u anymore than it would hurt your cat so i wouldn't worry if u like it

Can cats eat cucumbers?

most of the time cats won't eat things that are bad to them so if your cat ate a cucumber i think it should be ok.

What can you do to get your cat to stop begging for food?

OK it takes practice when its time to eat send your cat to a room shut the door and eat when your done eating take the cat out of the room and just have a snack if she begs but her back in the room take her out and if you eat again and she doesn't do any thing then don't send her in the room

Is it okay for cats to eat grass?

It is OK for cats to eat grass. I have a cat and she loves grass. It helps cats to get the fur out of their stomach. When they lick themselves, they swallow it.

Is cardboard ok for cats to eat?

Cats may play around with paper/cardboard and rip it up a bit. This is primarily harmless to a cat. If the cat eats a lot of it, take it to a veterinarian.

Is it ok to eat pomegranate shell?

Is it ok to eat pomegranate

Is cheese good for cats?

Small amounts of what your cat enjoys as a treat is OK. Most cats have enough sense not to eat what will kill them.

What is the effect in your body when you accidentally eat a food that was eaten also by a cat?

It depends on what the cat was eating if you will get sick or not. If the cat ate some of your fresh mashed potatoes that is OK, but if the cat was eating rank sour day old unrefrigerated fish better purge it.

Ok your hamster won't eat or drink by himself how do you give him food?

give him a treat he wont usually eat then give a walk then feed dog,cat or bird food

What cat breeds can be black?

I don't know because I am asking the question: What breeds will most likely produce a black cat? I know it is based on genes, etc. I have an orange tabby male and a gray tabby female and a tortoise shell female. What are the chances I will end up with a black cat? I plan on fixing the cats but I was wondering if I have a chance at a black cat. I know it is ok if they are from the same family which is why I am allowing them to have a kitten. I want to fix them but I am willing to wait if I can have a black cat from this particular family due to the personality of their family gene.AnswerThere is no particular breed is more likely to produce a black cat, except the Bombay breed. Mixed breeds (Domestic Shorthairs/Moggies) have such a varied gene pool is is very difficult to judge what will produce a black kitten. However, it sounds unlikely that an orange tabby, grey tabby and a tortoiseshell will produce a black kitten.It is ideal to spay and neuter your cats, and if you really wish to have a black kitten, to adopt one from a local animal shelter. This will save a lot of money, energy and time in helping raise two sets of litters.

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