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Is it ok to drive your 87 Toyota Celica to an auto shop if while adding power steering fluid it had leaked all over the ground?


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2004-10-15 15:26:00
2004-10-15 15:26:00

it is only ok to drive if it a slow drip. If it is a constant stream damage to the pump will result.


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all of them i dont see why they wouldnt.. all u need for an alarm is power... ground... and a remote sensor

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while on the ground loosen up the bolts then jack it up with a jack and replace it to put on do it backwords Alexander G Medvedev Owner of Toyota Celica GT 2000 371Hp CEO m8Auto Import Club Anchorage Alaska

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It would naturally ground through the steering box, to the frame.

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Its a ground that goes to the firewall and to the left hand bolt on the alternator bracket.Mine goes from my power steering unit bolt to the bolt on the alt as explained, simple ground. The laternator itself has one plug and one power , no single ground wires.

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The ground clearance of the 2009 Toyota Tundra is 0 ft. 10.2 in. (10.2 in.).

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