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is it ok to defrofrostfish and frooe it again and then eat it

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Q: Is it ok to eat Fish thawed in re fridge and then refrozen?
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Is freezer jam safe to eat after being thawed and refrozen?

Yes, freezer jam is safe to eat once thawed and refrozen. However, it is not recommended that this food be refrozen again after this process.

What foods can you eat after it has been frozen thawed and then refrozen?

It is not recommended to eat any foods that have been frozen, thawed and refrozen. You can, however, thaw food, cook it, and then freeze it.

Can you eat meatballs frozen and then thawed and refrozen.?

If the meatballs were held under refrigeration the entire time they were thawed and were not starting to spoil before they were refrozen, you could eat them. The quality and flavor might be diminished. If you are still in doubt, don't eat them.

Can you eat partially thawed then refrozen chicken?

Only if you want to get sick!!!

Is it ok to eat food that has been frozen then thawed and frozen again?

is it ok to eat food that has been frozen, then thawed then refrozen? this is the question ,not the answer

Can you eat frozen chicken nuggets that have been thawed and refrozen?

yes but make sure to cook the meat

Can you eat cheese that has been thawed then refrozen?

If you have no taste buds you can possibly eat it. Personally I would rather use it to patch my driveway.

Can fish partially thawed at room temperature be refrozen?

My freezer was unplugged by a construction worker. I did not catch it for 2 days the food was cold but had defrosted. The fish was in sealed packages but pretty defrosted. Is it ok to refreeze it now or is it dangerous to eat?

Is it safe to cook and eat fish that has been defrosted and than refrozen?


How many days is shrimp cocktail good for after being thawed in fridge?

til i eat it

Is it safe to eat salmon that was frozen thawed and refrozen?

It isn't a good idea to eat salmon that is in this situation. The spoilage danger is low, but there is a good chance it will not taste good.

Can hot dogs be eaten after thawed out 24 hours from door left open?

If hot dogs have been thawed out and then left out of the cool of the fridge, do not eat them.

Can you eat thawed and refrozen pizza?

You can NEVER eat anything that you thaw out and then freeze again. Not true. If it was thawed under refrigeration and refrozen soon afterwards and then was cooked properly, it will likely be safe. Its quality might not be what you'd expect since repeated freeze-thaw cycles are never good for food. See Related Links. If a frozen pizza thaws out on the short trip home from the store, it can be placed in the freezer.

Can you eat refrozen chicken?


Is it safe to eat thawed salmon?

it has to be thawed so you can chew it you need to thawed completely. it's safe to eat it.

Do guinea pigs eat vegetables cooked frozen or thawed?

They usually eat cucumbers and other vegetab;es fresh and out of the fridge; but wait about 5minutes before giving them cucumbers; broccoli; etc.

Can cocunut custard pie be frozen after preparation and then later thawed to eat?

Yes.But thaw it slowly,not in the microwave.Put it in the fridge at least a whole day in advance of using it.

You were without power for 14 hours Food in freezer thawed and now refrozen Can you eat it?

I was without power for 14 hours. I did not look in refrigerator and/or freezers. Now, the power has returned about 3 hours ago. Everything is frozen hard again. Can i eat the food?

Is it healthy to eat raw fish cooked in lemon?

There is nothing harmful about eating raw fish provided it is fresh or has been frozen and thawed properly, if it smell even slightly off do not eat it raw.

Will you get sick if you eat refrozen pumpkin loaf?


Is it safe to eat refrozen vegetables?


What will happen to you if you eat refrozen chicken?

you die

What happens if you eat refrozen chicken?

Possibly nothing will happen if it was properly handled before refreezing and then properly cooked. It may not be of very good quality, but it could be safe. So much depends upon the type of packaging, the temperatures that the thawed chicken reached and for how long it reached those temperatures. If you don't know the temperature and handling history of the refrozen chicken, it might be better to not eat it.

What happens if you eat salmon that has been in the fridge for 1 week?

In most cases 2 to 3 days of refrigeration is the maximum recommended time after dethawing or purchased already thawed. Anything beyond this and you seriously risk sickness. Fish is not something you take chances on.

Where can you keep the fish that you catch?

If you plan to eat them, then in the fridge or freezer depending on how long it will be before you eat them. But if you caght it and want to keep it alive, then keep it in a tank of water -- a fish tank!