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Is it ok to fly when you are 38 weeks pregnant?

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It is ok to fly, but you will have to check with the airline whether they will take you. Most airlines will not let you fly after week 35 or 36.

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Will flying when 6 weeks pregnant be ok?

Absolutely. You can fly until you are within a few weeks of your due date. Even then it is "safe" to fly, the flight attendants just don't want to catch your baby.

What if You are 10 weeks pregnant and have lost symptoms are you ok?

no its gone

If you are nineteen weeks pregnant when did you conceive?

This has to be a trick question, but OK . . . you conceived 19 weeks ago.

15 weeks pregnant have a bump but its low is that ok?

yes that's ok all of my pregnancies were that way

How many months pregnant are you at 7 weeks?

Ok, I'll bite....1 month and 3 weeks......

Is it ok to ride a carnival ride at 6 weeks pregnant?

Well on the signs, they say not to ride them if your pregnant.....but 6 weeks im not suremaybe you can????

Is it ok to take caster oil at 35 weeks pregnant?

Jesus christ no!!

You are 10 weeks pregnant is it ok to fly?

Many women fly even if they are 5 months into there pregnancy. It will not hurt your baby, but you may get sick easier than you normally do while flying especially if you normally have morning sickness during your pregnancy.

How can you make sure that everything is OK with your pregnancy if you are 12 weeks pregnant?

Talk to your doctor.

Is spotting at 4-5 weeks pregnant normal?

Well im 7 weeks pregnant and at 5 weeks i started spotting that's how i found out i was pregnant! If its not enough blood to use a pad then i believe you should be ok. Hope that helps

Is a progesterone of 24.6 and HCG of 28.7 ok at apx 3-4 weeks pregnant?

If the progesterone is 24.6 is the femal pregnant?

9 weeks pregnant and nausea gone is baby ok?

yes, my roomate is pregnant and said the nausea went away after a little over two months..which 9 weeks is. It is normal.

Is it ok to take amoxicillin while 30 weeks pregnant for an abscessed tooth?

It is only safe if it is prescribed by a dentist who is aware the patient is pregnant.

Is it ok that my hcg levels have gone from 49000 at 7 weeks pregnant to 52000 in two weeks?

It is not okay for a pregnant woman to have a HCG levels of 52,000. The HGC levels are suppose to double every week.

How long will it take to ovulate after Ectopic pregnancy?

Its ok ive answerd my own question as im now pregnant! 5 weeks fater EP surgery Its ok ive answerd my own question as im now pregnant! 5 weeks fater EP surgery

Is it OK to travel by air when you are 34 weeks pregnant?

It would be inadvisable to travel as heavily pregnant as 34 weeks. The safest time to travel during pregnancy is the second trimester (12 - 24 weeks). Any woman over 28 weeks pregnant must be carrying a note from a doctor or midwife explaining that the pregnancy is normal and that you are very healthy and fit to fly. It must also have your expected due date stated on it. If you are expecting twins and/or suffer from diabetes, it is inadvisable to travel at any stage of pregnancy.

You just found out you are 16 weeks pregnant and you have been donating plasma will your baby be ok?

yes. only one time though. & 6 weeks after

Is it ok to take novamoxin while 7 weeks pregnant for an abscessed tooth?

Talk to your Dr first and make sure your dentist knows that you are pregnant.

Do you have clear watery discharge when pregnant?

yes i had lots of those while pregnant,even from 5 weeks pregnancy so dont worry cause its ok.

Is it ok if you are 8 weeks pregnant and you are hungry right after eating?

Yes it is very normal to be hungry right after you eat,

Is it ok to have bleeding without pain when you are 6 weeks pregnant?

See a doctor. He can best tell you the best course of action

Is it okay to lay on your stomach if your six weeks pregnant?

Yes, but not for too long. You will know when it is not ok because you wont be able to do it.

Is it ok to take amoxicillin for four weeks pregnant?

It depends on too many factors to answer anonymously on line. Ask your doctor.

Is ginger OK for pregnant women?

Yes. It is OK for pregnant women.

Can you fly when you are pregnant?

Yes, it is safe to fly. The biggest concern is, if you are late in your pregnancy, that you may go into labor while away from home. Call your doctor and ask them, just to be sure everything is OK. The pressure changes in an airplane cabin can induce labor if you are nearing your due date. It is not recommended to fly after 32-34 weeks. Remember to think about how many weeks you will be during your return flight as well. -Also check your insurance especially if going abroad-