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yes it is ok because they do two holes at one time __________________ It is perfectly acceptable to get as many piercings as you'd like done in a single session, it should however be noted that if you have more than one done you need to make sure it's a new piercing tool each time (never have a gun used), and also that between each piercing the piercer changes her/his gloves. Also, you need to pay attention to what your body is telling you if you have multiple piercings performed at once. The biggest concern with multiple piercings in one session is shock, it doesn't always happen, but it can. There are people who have gone into shock with ONE piercing and others who have maintained for more than 100 it is all dependent on your body and you NEED to listen to it. Also, if you need a break, I'm sure the piercer would be perfectly fine with it; during the break you need to eat something, drink some orange juice or other fluid high in sugar (sugar water works as well) and you need to relax, if you smoke then go have a cigarette, if you don't then just sit and relax for a few minutes. Once you feel ready to proceed you can go back in and have the piercer finish up. ANSWER I do not recomend it.It hurts more and with multiples it is alot easier to get an infection. 1) Yes, it's ok. Probably best to only get 2 at a time though.

2) Go to a body piercer. Don't get them done with a "piercing gun".

Only get pierced with a "gun" if you wanna risk SERIOUS problems. As it has been said, it's all a matter of what you can handle personally. But yes, it is safe to get more than one - have you heard of an industrial piercing before? You pierce two different places of cartilage at once and put a bar through. Just be safe, go to a licensed piercer, and be sure they use sterile needles and not guns :)

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Q: Is it ok to get multiple cartilage piercings at one time?
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Does getting a tragus piercing hurt?

All piercings hurt to some degree. Tragus piercings are cartilage piercings so if you've ever had one of those, its basically the same. Just a lot of pressure.

How do you put back in an industrial piercing?

Industrial piercings don't have backs, it's one long barbell running through two diffrent piercings in the ear cartilage.

How can you make a cartilage piercing not hurt when you get it?

There is no way to not make a cartilage piercing hurt at all! However you can do certain things like do NOT get needles to pierce your cartilage, get guns. Also, to make it quick and semi-painfree get both cartilage piercing's done at once! One person with a piercing gun on each side of you(if you are getting both ears pierced in the cartilage.) If not, it is good to have experience with ear piercings since cartilage piercings are indeed thick cartilage and is notoriously known as painful because of this. However, It is beneficial to know what a regular lobe piercing feels like, maybe even a tragus piercing to prepare yourself for this. In my opinion( although i had my lobes and second to lobes piercings done) the cartilage piercings are not extremely painful. On a scale from 1-10, the pain level is about a 5-6. :) good luck!

What if you have 2 lobe piercings on your left ear and 1 on your right ear then you get your cartilage on your right ear does it mean you gay?

Absolutely not. Piercings are piercings...Wherever one chooses to have them done means nothing unless one gives it meaning. edited by asked no there not moron

I got an earring in the cartilage will the industrial hurt?

The sensation is a bit more intense because you are getting two piercings in one sitting and it's done with a needle not a gun. so it should be not too bad about the same as the cartilage piercing.

What ear do straight girls wear 1 earring in?

The whole, left ear gay, right ear straight has pretty much slipped through the cracks of time. For the most part, women have predominately worn both ears pierced. If you want to do just one ear, there is no meaning behind just having one ear pierced. Pick an ear and put a whole in it! I would suggest that if you are just going to pierce one ear, have fun with it, and do multiple piercings in it. Example is to do like an industrial, or multiple cartilage piercings up the side. Something to make it look intentional so people are not asking if you lost an earring.

Does it hurt to get a piercing?

Well, it depends where you get one. If you get one in the top of the ear, my friend says it doesn't hurt, because it just goes through 5 layers of cartilage. Lip and tongue piercings don't hurt too bad, either. Nose piercings don't hurt either. Over all, it really doesn't hurt to get a piercing. Good Luck! :) actually, out of all piercings, cartilage piercings hurt more (besides uh.."downstairs") because it goes through hard, solid cartilage rather than flesh. and if you ask a friend if their piercing hurt, they're most likely going to say it didn't no matter what, so you can't go by what your friend said.

Got two cartilage piercings 6 weeks ago today changed one to a sterling silver sleeper it bled a lot but its fine now is this normal?

No bleeding is bad, piercing guns are worse. Sterling silver is never to be used in a piercing under any circumstances especially ear cartilage piercings Silver oxidizes and with the oxidization a permanent staining effect can leach into the open piercings. If you want silver looking rings for your piercings go to a body piercing studio and buy captive bead rings made from proper surgical implant stainless steel.

How much does a cartilage piercing cost in Southampton millennium?

Most places charge the cost of the piercing studs themselves. If getting only one piercing, its half the price plus a $2 separating charge. For cartilage piercings places such as Piercing Pagoda tend to charge an addition $2 cartilage charge Cartilage piercing is not permitted to be done with piercing guns in North America under most health regulations due to the inability of the stud to create a proper hole in the tissue and cartilage to allow the skin to heal the piercing in a timely fashion. Body piercing studios will charge more for ear cartilage piercings, however the added expense is well worth it in the end.

Which piercing would you look the best with?

Personally I think lip piercings and eye brow piercings are gross. I want nose piercing, cartilage (which is the upper part of your ear) and double pircing on my ear lobe. I think they look the best. Tongue piercings are also ok but I would never get one. Also naval (belly button) piercings look nice I think, especially if you u were bikinis or half shirts and are skinny.

What Is the word for the execution of multiple tasks at one time?

Multitasking is the word used for the execution of multiple tasks at one time.

What are spider bite piercings?

Spider bite piercings are two piercings close together on one side of your mouth.

Whats The meanings of body piercings?

Body Piercings do not "mean" any one thing, they are simply piercings. Adorning the body with piercings is as unique as the person wearing them. There is no deeper meaning to any one specific piercing.

How much does a triple conch piercing cost?

Depends on your shop. Single piercings can range between $20-$50 and a lot of shops offer discounts if you get multiple piercings in one visit. Just call up different shops and ask :)

Where does Stephanie rice have piercings?

She has two piercings on her left ear and one on her right. (:

How many ear piercings can you get at one time i was planning on getting five piercings total three on my right and two on my left. i was going to buy those individual piercing gun things...?

Dont waste your money on the piercing gun thingies, go see a professional piercer and get the piercings laid out the way you want them to look. those piercing gun kits are generally made of cheap low grade metal studs and the layer effect cant be done with them the way the gun is designed. Maximum piercings is 3 in one day, any more and the body is taxed too much. Do one ear one day then the other a couple of days later. Check with you local body piercing studio, they will often work out package deals for multiple piercings.

Can you get another cartlage ear piercing right beside one that has been recently done at the beginning of the summer?

There have been people that have had 10-20 cartilage piercings performed at one time, however, if you are intending to have this done with a gun then you need to just not do it. When guns are used on cartilage they cause blunt force trauma which will in the long run degrade the viability of the piercing. You should go see a professional piercer that works in a well known shop to have anything pierced.

Is the helix piercing painful?

I don't have one but I have friends who do. They have other piercings as well and their helix piercings are the most painful for them. But some of them say that the actual piercing isn't as painful as the swelling afterwards. Any cartilage piercing just takes longer to heal and stays cranky for a while. I have my tragus pierced and it really wasnt that bad.

How big is the needle they use to pierce the cartilage in your ear?

Well that depends on the size of the jewellery being used in the cartilage. Cartilage piercings are never to be done with a piercing gun for obvious reasons. The needle is over gauged which is to say it's one size bigger than the jewellery going into the piercing. This is to allow the tissue to heal around the exposed cartilage and allow for a clean heal between the jewellery and cartilage. This is not a do it your self piercing, serious infections and permanent damage can result due to lack of knowledge of the human body and it's structures..

How many piercings does Kerli have?

Inked Magazine reports that the she has 7 piercings: "two in her lip, one nose, one eyebrow, her tongue, below her lip, and one nipple." She often wears beads under her eyes, but they are not real piercings.

Belly button piercings?

Actually it's Navel piercings no one pierces a belly button.

Where are kendall Jenner have her piercings?

She has 4 ear piercings, 1 in one ear and 3 in the other.

You had your cartilage pierced for a year and 3 months will it close if you take it out for a day?

Cartilage piercings heal really slowly. Depending on how your body accepted the piercing, it shouldn't close up with just one day out after a year of having it in. There's a chance it'll hurt a little when you put it back, though, so just be sure to neosporin it up! You should be fine or one day.

Is it okay to have multiple piercings done at different places?

Yes, it will just hurt in more places than getting just one. It should not be a problem. I am not quite sure if you are asking if it is alright to get more than one or two piercings in one sitting or get more piercings at different piercing and or tattoo place. If it is the first one and you are looking to get multiple piercing in one sitting then that would be fin as long as they are not so close as to rip each other out or anything. If it is the second then that is not a problem what soever! I have most of mine done at one place but a shop will not turn you away for having piercing that they themselves did not do. yeah i have them pretty much all surrounding my lips and 1 in my mouth which is on my tongue lol

Is a venom piercing two induvidual piercings in the tongue or a surface one?

The venom is two tongue piercings.