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It is a matter of choice, BUT... After having a C-section it takes the body 4 years to heal from each c-section. In some cases up to six years. I had a cesearean with my first child. Then i found out I was pregnant when my daughter was 18 months old. I had complications the second time around. I had a cesearean the second time too, and it was not fun... I had complications with my blood pressure stablizing, effects of the epidural, etc. It was just so hard. And I was a strong and healthy 24 year old at the time. It took me longer to heal. If you get pregnant now, when you get ready to deliver it will be approx 18 months since the last C-section correct? So, it is possible to have similar complications, but if you take care of yourself and keep up with your regular checkups, things should be ok. If you can wait, try to. Give your body time to heal. As a midwife I have to agree with the above answer. However many things come into play here. Why did you have a c-section last time? Failure to progress? Pre-eclampsia? What type of c-section did you have? Lower segment? Have you discussed this with your obstetrician? My sister-in-law had a c-section for failure to progress in the second stage of labour in February 84 and in October 85 had her second baby so quickly she only just got to the hospital in time. She went on to have 3 more vaginal deliveries. On the other hand I have a friend who had a c-section for breech twins, then 3 years later in labour her scar ruptured and she had to have another c-section and a hysterectomy to save her life and that of the baby.

2006-08-26 21:29:14
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