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They will injure themselves by fighting over the wheel. You should either have a large place for them with two wheels or give them each a separate home with a wheel of their own. Good luck and God Bless:)

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Do male bettas fight the female bettas?

Yes, some times if you are not careful when trying to breed bettas, the male will attack the female and he can injure the female. The females are much smaller than the males.

How do you know if two hamsters are trying to mate?

The male goes on top of the female and starts humping her then she gets pregnant

How do hamsters defend themselves?

Hamsters defend them selves by trying to scare you like scratching but when you grab a hamster they nibble on your hand but just for a while to taste your hand then it stops and you have total control over it and hamsters will bite you when they really need to.

If a boy kicks you does that mean he likes you?

No, it means he is trying to injure you.

Did Randy Orton really injure Stephanie McMahon?

No, this is fake there just trying to intertain us but orton does not injure women and he does have the disorder he said he did

Can you put a collar on a rat?

Yes you can but i wouldn't recommend it because rats are very sensitive creatures and the feeling of a collar on their neck would probably frighten them and they may injure themselves trying to get it off

Why do female hamsters seem to dance or rather dart left-to-right and up-and-down in the cage what is it trying to do?

its probably stresed usually from preganantsy or moving in

Why do hamsters eyes pop out or explode?

Because they are trying to how off

How do I breed my two hamsters please HELP?

I'm the one that posted this question, I have 3 hamsters, one male and two females. Ive been trying to breed them but the male never seems to be interested in the female. I put them together for about an hour and the female kept jumping on the male but the male just sat there and sometimes ran off. Someone please help me!

Why was Ari Haswari shooting at women?

He was trying to kill/injure people who were close to Gibbs

Why your hamsters butt was bleeding after you cleaned it?

if you have just cleaned it out it may have banged its nose or if you have to hamsters they may be trying to kill each other

Can you have a hamster and add another one?

It depends, if you have dwarf hamsters they can live in big groups. If you have Syrian hamsters, they are rather solitary, if you put 2 together they might fight. If you're trying to breed them, the female must be in heat and you must watch them the whole time, just in case they fight.

Do female hamsters smell when in heat?

yes I have a hamster his name is sugar. and sometimes he can smell really bad. Yes female hamsters smell when in heat. If you aren't sire of it's gender you should get it checked by a local veterinarian, but if it is a male and it stinks don't freak out he might just need to have his cage cleaned. If it is a female then you know it is in heat, female hamsters go into heat about every 3-4 days. If you have a male and want to breed them the only time she will except him is when she is in heat. I have to hamsters male and female and I'm trying to breed them. If you want to breed them then watch them when you put them together and have something ready if they start to fight. If they start to fight slam the paper in between them to stop the fight. If they do great together you can start putting them together in different periods of time. If your hamster is in heat it is best not to hold her unless you are planning to breed. And yes she will still go into heat after she has the babies. Female Syrian hamsters are in gestation for about 16 days and Dwarf hamsters are in gestation for about 18-21 days. I hope my answer helped you if need more answers do some research it helped me a lot.

What does it mean when a male and female hamster that have been separated after a litter is born keep trying to rejoin each other?

The same thing happened to my hamsters. They just wanted to start mating again so they can have more baby hamsters (pups). However, never let them rejoin or they will abandon the first litter of pups.

What should a horse be scared of?

It all depends on the horse. If you are trying to scare a particular horse (and I wonder if you are seeing as how this question is phrased), don't! Horses are really quite delicate and, when spooked, can injure themselves or other horses/people because of their dramatic reactions.

Amweser about winter white hamsters?

there are only about 100 witner white hamsters left in the world ,though scientist are trying desperately to save them i don't think they can!

Why do your hamsters fight when the see each other?

Hamsters are territorial and sometimes if they get scents of each other they start to fight.Sometimes if your trying to mate your hamsters and they fight chances are they need a different mate or they just don't want to be mated.

Do hamsters wiggle when they chew?

Only if they are trying to pull something through the bars of their cage.

How can you heal a baby hamsters arm?

You should take it to the vet instead of trying to do it at home.

How do hamsters start to fight?

They will start rolling into a ball and start trying to bite the stomach area

Why do hamsters bite and chew hamster cages?

Hamsters do this because their bored. It also means they're trying to escape, or to tell you they want to come out. They can also do this to file down their teeth.

How would you put female in a sentence?

I have a female dog?. Its really easy trying to put female in a sentance.

How does katniss injure her leg?

She was trying to run away from a wildfire and the trees were like "fire cannons" and she didn't duck a blast in time

Why do hamsters scratch?

Because they are trying to clean themselves and they cant get in any water or they would drown so they scratch and a lot of times they can scratch like a dog does where it lifts up its leg and it seems like they are scratching at 100 miles per hour.

Why did two female jehovahs witnesses ask me and my friend to give them a foot massage before trying to preach us?

IT COULD BE one of theses bizarre things: 1. They themselves are disguising themselves as JWs 2 You made up the story 3. I do not know