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Why not? It's about what the two of YOU like, not anybody else.

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โˆ™ 2007-12-04 23:53:28
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Q: Is it ok to like or go out with a girl that is taller than you?
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Will alex wolff go out with a girl taller than him?

Yes..In time Alex wolff will find the love of his life who will be significantly taller than him

Theres this girl that likes me but shes taller than me i dont know if i should go out with her and i hate her because shes taller than me?

Don't go out with her. You will never be able to get beyond the fact that she's taller than you. Some day you will just hurt her feelings badly if you develop a relationship.

Which is better if the guy is taller or the girl?

It is waay better if the guy is taller than the girl. Then you can wear high heels, go up on your tippy toes to kiss him and he can pick you up. SO CUTE!

That an 8th grade girl would go out with an 8th grade boy who is about 8 inches taller than her 5'1- 5'9?

Height isn't a problem, you can still date if he is taller.My boyfriend was way taller than me and that didn't affect our love.

What should you wear to your school dance?

well if you are a "big" girl you may like to go with a long drees of a nice non bright .if you r a tall skinny girl like me avoid heels so u r not taller than your date but remember be your self and don't go over the top. Have fun:]

Does Justin bieber go out with girls taller than him?

you asked your question wrong,ma' loveie,it should be; "Does Justin Bieber go out with boys taller than her?" and the answer to that is yes,yes she likes taller men to date.

Your friend told you that the guy you like asked this other girl to his semi and she told your friend that you should go instead 'cos she way taller than him and your his height but he didn't ask you?

tooooooo long to answer

Can a 4'6 girl go out with a 5'1 boy?

Yes, boy's are usually taller.

How does a 12 year old Girl ask a boy that is way taller than her out?

try to have some fun say something funny like umm excuse me *he turns around and you're standing on your books* and say well i was wounderin' would ya like to go out with me ?

If you like a girl more than your girl friend what do you do?

You would breakup with your girlfriend then wait a wile then go and ask the other girl out!♥

Should you go with the girl you like or the girl you love?


How can you get a girl to like you more than just a friend like get her to like you to where she will go out with you?

try flirting with her, and make sure she has no boyfriend. Then when your gonna ask her, tell her that you really like her and want to go out with her.

How can a 10 year old boy ask a girl out?

You can approach the girl and ask her if she would like to be more than friends, and you can ask if she would like to go out with you sometime.

What if you like a girl that is more popular than you?

I also liked a girl who was more popular than me and now she is my girlfriend. If you are really serious about dating this girl then you should just be yourself and if she likes you for who you are then go for it and ask her out!

If your girlfriend is a head taller than you how do you kiss and hold her?

tell her to go little down then you kiss

What does it mean when you dream about the girl you like for more than a year?

that means you should go for the girl! Nver let your dreams get left behind!

The girl I like doesnt want to be anything other than friends what do I do?

leave her and tell her she missed out on a good thing. P.S: if find somone else that like you go out with her, it will make the girl you like jelous.

Can a girl go more days than a boy can from taking baths?

no because girls go threw girl things and if they dont take a shower usally they will smell like fish or worst

What should you do if you really like a lad but hes older than you?

well the guy is supposed to be older than the girl anyways so if you really like him and he really likes you then go for it!

If a boy likes another girl but you like him what do you do?

Make friends with him and if he likes you too then you wait and if you see the girl go talk to another boy you wait until the boy does not like the second girl. Because the girl might like another boy and if she does than you wait when the boy ask you out.

What are some compliments for a girl you like besides you look pretty?

go check if your a lesibian first than ask

Lets say there this girl that i like can i go up to her and say hello can we be friends or will that be super awkward?

If you like a girl it would not be a problem to go up to her and say hello. You could become friends maybe even more than friends.

Why do boys like to go to the park?

Boys like to go to the park when there bored or there is a girl there if there is a girl there boys will try to stay close meaning he likes the girl

What do you say to a girl you like?

"I like you. Can we go out for a burger?"

What do you do if a girl hits on you?

If you like her, go for it.