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If you are in love with this person then I think it's absolutely wonderful and congratulations! In many of my posts I tell younger people who are minors to wait until they are old enough to get married and if that person loves them they will wait. If you love someone with all your heart then waiting for them should never to an issue and you have just proved my point! Thank you! If you have any doubts about getting married and you're not sure what you want, then sit down with your fiance and have a long talk and perhaps you could put the wedding plans off to a later date. That's done often between couples. I have no idea if this marriage is a problem with you or not and hopefully it isn't. If you are in love start those wedding plans or have a big party with family and friends and enjoy! Congratulations Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-09-06 23:37:04
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Q: Is it ok to marry someone after knowing them for 7 years but then you were made to break up and now you are back together and getting married?
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What does it mean if you live with someone and he talks with you about getting married but tells other people he is never getting married?

You need to ask him. Good luck and God Bless:) You certainly do have to talk to him. Living together and getting married are two different things. In Canada if you live together for 6 months you are considered Common-Law and you are treated by Government as if you were married. Think of this ... he's getting all the goodies for nothing! Let him know he commits or he's out the door!

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they can because they feel the same why other feels about getting married again.......

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It is pretty bad to be married to someone that has done that but for a punishment get engaged and no it is not legal to have a child if someone else is married.

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