Is it ok to perform fellatio?

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Q: Is it ok to perform fellatio?
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How do you perform fellatio?

To perform fellatio A (Blow Job), you put the erect penis in your mouth and replicate sexual intercourse until ejaculation.

How do you give a girl fellatio?

Fellatio is oral sex performed on a man. Cunningulus is oral sex performed on a woman. It is not possible to perform fellatio on a woman.

What did Bill Clinton ask Monica Lewinsky do to him?

Perform fellatio

What does 'give head' mean lily Allen song?

to perform fellatio

What should you do for him during sex?

You could perform fellatio (oral sex). You decide if you want to spit or swallow.

Where can you meet someone to perform fellatio?

Go to a gay Bar or might get lucky or go to see a hooker.

What does it mean when someone asks you if you want to blow someone?

It means if you want to perform fellatio on them, also known as oral sex.

Why do women like to perform fellatio?

It's a matter of preference. Not all women enjoy performing fellatio (oral sex) on a man. Some enjoy it a lot. Needless to say, the male generally enjoys it as well. Some women find performing fellatio as highly erotic and a great help to their own orgasm during the deed.

How do you achieve an erection after 40?

very simple.ask ur partner to perform fellatio. u will have erection with in minutes.but be careful u may ejaculate also.

What is cunnilingus and fellatio?

Cunnilingus: licking female's vagina. Fellatio: sucking man's penis.

What does buss down mean?

Buss down is a derogatory term that refers to woman who is known to perform fellatio often (also, sleeze, trick, floozie, etc.)

What does it mean when your husband shows more love to the pet?

He is trying to make you jealous. This is obvious. What you need to do to win his love back is to perform the act of fellatio on his wanger.

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