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yes it is ok, but if you live in a state with srict emission laws like California it will not pass the emission test in the winter time

On some Computer Controled Vehicles if the Engine runs 2 cold it won't go into CLOSED LOOP & will use major Quanities of Fuel.On SOME HIGH Perforance Computer Chips they Require U 2 change 2 a Colder Thermostat.

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Q: Is it ok to run a cooler thermostat than is called for?
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If you have got a 190 degree thermosat in your car if you put a 180 degree thermostat in it will the car run cooler?

Thermostat will open sooner car may not necessarily run cooler

If you have a 190 degree thermostat in your vechile and replace it with a 180 degree thermostat will it run cooler?

It may run cooler, but this depends on if your radiator fan has a thermostat controlled temperature gauge or if your fan is mechanical. A mechanical fan has a fan belt attached and runs when the engine runs.

What is the operating temperature for a 1998 buick park avenue ultra?

195 degree is were your thermostat will open.which in hot weather causes cars to run a little hot.recommend use a alternate thermostat at 180 degree.helps run engine cooler and helps with cooler transmission.hope this helps

What will the engine do if the thermostat in the vehicles engine stuck open?

It will run cooler, be inefficient and wear more quickly.

What effect will replacing 195 degree thermostat with a 180 degree thermostat on a 1998 Oldsmobile have?

Engine will run cooler Perhaps be less fuel efficient if factory design requires a 195 Interior heating will be cooler (thermostat will open sooner and therefore not produce as much heat).

What temperature thermostat should be used on a 350 Chevy?

It's dependant on what you want. If you live in a hotter climate, select a lower temperature thermostat; that causes the thermostat to open sooner, keeping the engine a little cooler... hopefully. If you live in a climate that is either normally cooler or seasonably cooler, a hotter thermostat can help the heater work better. A hotter thermostat has been demonstrated to be SLIGHTLY (almost insignificantly) at helping the engine run more efficietly.

If a thermostat remains open will this cause your car to overheat?

A stuck open thermostat will cause a car to run cooler than needed. It will cause oil to sludge, a loss of gas mileage due to running rich and numerous other problems.

How hot should a 1989 Chevy silverado truck run?

Between 195 degrees and 210 degrees. You can put a 180 degree thermostat in it and it will run alittle cooler.

Do larger notebooks run cooler than smaller ones?

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Can you leave your thermostat out on a ford tempo?

yes 2nd answer: Yes, BUT, your engine will run hotter. Reason, the thermostat helps to slow the flow of coolant and therefor give it a chance to actually cool in the rad. thus letting the engine run cooler.

Could a missing thermostat cause the engine to overheat?

Yes, with out the thermostat, the coolant can circulate to fast to effectively absorb and transfer any heat. Updated answer, The thermostat is to keep the engine running at a factory set predetermined temperature, without the thermostat the engine should run cooler.

What temp thermostat for S10 4.3?

Should be 180 degrees, some work better with 160. The 180 will allow the vehicle to run cooler.

What causes 2005 Ford Explorer to run too cool?

My 1995 Ford Explorer was running cooler on the temperature gauge and it turned out to be my thermostat

What is too low for the coolant temperature in my car?

i wouldn't say there is a temp that is too low for your engine to run. the cooler it runs the less heat your heater will be able to put out though. if it is running cooler than normal your thermostat may be stuck open, which will give you trouble in warmer temps.

Does a led light run cooler than a fluorescent light?


What effect will replacing 195 degree thermostat with a 180 degree thermostat on a 1995 jeep grand Cherokee?

Engine will run coolerIt may be less fuel efficient if the factory design requires a 195The heater would not be as warm.Engine will run coolerIt may be less fuel efficient if the factory design requires a 195The heater would not be as warm.

Why would a 1988 Mercedes Benz 300E run hot if the radiator and thermostat has been replaced?

Is the thermostat in backwards??? it depend on where u live hot or cold weather... german cars are made for cooler weather... this will efect the way ur car will run

What would cause a 96 Ford F150 4.9 engine to run cool?

The thermostat is stuck open, 1) The thermostat could actually be one that is lower in temp (i.e. 185 deg instead of 192). 2) Temp gauge is inaccurate and shows to be cooler than is actually is.

Would a lower degree thermostat help to keep a Chevy 350 run cooler?

Yes, given that there aren't other issues with the cooling system. Is the fan in good shape? Is the fan shroud in good shape, or even there at all? Has the cooling system been flushed recently? If all of these things are in good working order, then yes, a 160 degree thermostat will obviously run cooler than a 195 degree thermostat will. One more question... Is the radiator big enough? That is the next question after you have eliminated possible problems with everything else.

Can you run a Chevy 350 without thermostat?

yesAdditional answer:You can, but shouldn't and don't need to. The thermostat is designed to keep the engine operating at a certain temperature. This temperature has been proven to make your engine run more efficiently, more power, better gas mileage, longer life, etc. If you live in a climate that has cold winters, this thermostat is part of what makes your heater work.If removing the thermostat in order to help the engine run cooler in the event of overheating, you've got a different problem. A stuck thermostat will cause your engine to overheat, having a properly working thermostat will not. If your car has a new thermostat and still overheats-you've got a different problem.A new thermostat for most cars is less than $15.

Will 1998 gtp over heat if thermostat was remove?

it is possible if you live in a hot climate. i dont understand why you would remove it completely? if you want it to run cooler then but a 180* or 160* thermostat and a get a tune for your fans to turn on earlier.

Cost to replace thermostat in 2001 impala?

If you do it yourself, it's a 15 minute job and a thermostat and gasket won't run more than $10.

What does DTC test resultP0125 insuf coolant temp for clsd loop mean on 1999 mountaineer?

Have you noticed your engine temperature gauge running cooler than normal ? A thermostat that is sticking open will make the engine run cooler and cause the P0125 trouble code , also - coolant level low - faulty engine coolant temperature sensor

Can your 2001 Maxima run with out the thermostat?

NO,never good to run any car without a thermostat will ruin your engine

Do you need a thermostat?

Vehicle will run without a thermostat - however will not run as efficiently and will have not heat