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What is a 'water infection'?

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Q: Is it ok to swim if you have a water infection?
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Can you swim with an ear infection?

Yes, you can swim with and ear infection.

Is it ok to swim in a pool with poison ivy?

Yes, infection spreads only when the person comes into contact with the plant.

If a toddler has an ear infection is it OK for him or her to swim?

Toddlers should be kept out of the swimming pools; water going into the ears (particularly due to the chlorine levels) can cause some pain to the child whilst the ears are infected.

Can you swim with a bladder infection?


Is it safe to swim after having a cervix infection?

It is safer that you do not go swimming until your infection has gone for good, as you may catch something from the water if it is not clean.

Is it ok to swim naked?

It is perfectly fine to swim naked.

Can you swim with high bromine?

no we cant swim with high bromine because bromine has a high density than water and as a result we may sink . ok clear

Is it ok for a pregnant women to swim?

Yes. Pregnancy is not a contraindication to swim.

Can you swim in salt water with a yeast infection?

nobody knows. the sharks may be drawn to you if they are hungry but they may not because you are sick.

Can you swim after the toenail has been removed?

That would be a good question for your doctor. If the swimming pool water is properly balanced, the water won't hurt your toe (assuming the Dr says it's ok to get the toe wet). The bigger question is, will you be introducing infection into healthy pool water. I would recommend staying out of the water until the toe is healed.

Can you swim when you have a urinary tract infection?

You can swim if you have a urinary tract infection, but you should only do so after being on anti-biotics to treat the infection. if you are just coming over a urinary tract infection, and you are done with or are tword the end of your anti-biotics there should not be a problem, but there is always the chance the infection could come back. Swim at your disgression

If you have a cold and you swim does it get worse?

If you are cold your body has a harder time trying to fight off infection. so if you swim in warm water then no, it will not get worse. however if you swim in cold water you may stay sick for longer. it would be rare for a cold to get worse though, just a longer duration.

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