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Well, when u say 'OK", i presume you mean safe and effective. If that's the case, then all creatine, protein and glutamine products are good for your body especially if you are body building. Creatine is a natural compound produced by the body in minimal amounts which helps in quick muscle recovery and increases muscle pump. Protein is required to nourish your muscles with adequate amounts of protein peptides which it loses during workouts. As for Glutamine, it prevents Catabolism or Muscle breakdown.

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Q: Is it ok to take Creatine while taking protein and glutamine?
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Best time to use creatine and glutamine?

creatine before you workout with 2 litres of water while working out.. glutamine after your workout for the best recovery..

What type of supplements should be taken while weight lifting?

The best supplements to take while weight lifting are Glutamine, Whey Protein, Creatine, and a good multi vitamin. Glutamine helps boost ones immune system, so taking this will allow you to workout more without getting sick that often. Creatine is a great post workout supplement you can make a shake out of to help maintain lean muscle tissues. Whey Protein should be taken as a supplement to help you get a full daily value of protein.

Can you take Creatine supplements while taking Abilify?

no do not take Creatine supplements while taking Abilify

Is it OK to take protein creatine glutamine potassium and calcium all at the same time?

not sure about the potassium but creatine and glutamine are always used together, but the protein and calcium should be used carefully only on a strict diet; too much of the supplement while eating normal starch and meat can bind you up and may cause clogging in the arteries. try to find a multi and stay on a strict diet. look into what daily amounts of all the vitamins and nutrients your body type needs.

What supplements should you not take while taking synthroid?

Can you take creatine while taking synthroid medication

You have a protein that you are analyzing You would like to determine if this protein is a component of the nuclear pore complex What amino acids might this protein possess and why?

It would have Proline and Glutamine, because they are the key amino acid components in turns in beta antiparallel sheets. This is because Glutamine chemistry allows it to br very flexible, while Oroline can alter the dihedral vector mechanism.

What are the essential muscle building supplements?

You don't need to take much supplements. All you need are the basics which are Creatine before you work out. After your work out you should take protein or glutamine supplements to help restore your muscles.

What Are Creatine Supplements?

If you have recently gotten into working out and have looked for information about various supplements that are available, you have probably heard of creatine supplements. However, you might be unsure of whether or not you can benefit from taking these popular supplements. If you are thinking about taking creatine supplements, you should think about a few things first to ensure that they are right for you.Creatine is NaturalIf you are concerned that creatine might be bad for your body, you should know that creatine is actually something that your body creates. Along with creating it itself, your body also gets creatine from foods that are rich in protein, such as fish. Therefore, creatine in and of itself is entirely safe.There Are Benefits to Taking CreatineWhile you are deciding whether or not creatine is something that you should take, you should consider the benefits to taking creatine supplements. For instance, creatine can actually create an energy reservoir in your body; this will allow you to work out harder and maintain your endurance. It can also help promote lean muscle mass, muscle work capacity and muscle strength, and it can help reduce muscle waste. This can lead to better workouts and the muscles that you have always wanted.Negative Things to Consider About CreatineAfter reading about creatine, you may have decided that creatine supplements are the perfect thing for you. However, you should realize that there are negative sides to creatine supplements, and some of them are pretty serious.The less serious side effects of taking creatine supplements include nausea, an upset stomach and cramping. More serious side effects can come from them, however, including kidney and gastrointestinal disorders, and men can even grow breasts from taking creatine supplements.To avoid these negative side effects, talk to a professional about your age, fitness level and other deciding factors about your life and lifestyle. Also, do not be afraid to get off of the creatine supplements if you notice any negative side effects that make you uncomfortable. However, you might find that creatine supplements are the perfect thing for you and your workout.

Is it ok to take nitric oxide iso protein and creatine all at the same time through out the day?

Their is no risk at all while taking these supplements until and unless you do not exceed the prescribed limit of intake. First of all their is no need to take creatine if you are using Nitric Oxide (NO) supplement, because Nitric oxide gives you the same boost as you get from CREATINE. Buts still if you wanna use all three then follow this schedule : >Nitric Oxide in an empty stomach in the morning.. >Protein after having NO .. >Creatine 45-60 min before workout . > NO again 30 min before workout.. > Protein just after your workout.. >and at last...protein as the last thing in the night!! ...Daily value of creatine should not exceed more than 5 gms per day!! FOLLOW THIS AND IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS YOU WILL SEE THE RESULTS YOURSELF... ENJOY...

How do you lower creatine kinase levels?

Creatine kinase levels refer to the amount of creatine kinase enzyme in the brain, striated muscles, heart and muscle cells. Lowering the levels of this enzyme involves avoiding taking alcohol. Eating beans, legumes and soy while avoiding lean meat that contains creatine will also help.

Can you drink coffee while drinking the protein shake?

can i drink coffe after taking the protein shake at breakfast??

How do you remove creatine from the body?

Stop taking it and drink plenty of water, you should drink plenty of water anyways while taking it... That's whats creating for..water retention

Can creatine kill you?

Based on my research there is no conclusive evidence of creatine being linked to death. However, I have found one instance where someone taking NO Xplode, which contains Creatine Monohydrate, was hospitalized for a few days because his kidneys became 90% shut down while using the supplement. Creatine CAN be dangerous; the damage it causes on your kidneys and liver are irreversible.

What were reason of banned creatine?

Cause some kids are stupid and try to cut weight while taking creatine which can serious hurt your liver. You need to drink an excessive amount of water while on the supplement, and people fear that kids aren't going to end up drinking enough.

Whey protein and creatine?

I am going to assume the question is asking what the effect is on athletic performance and muscle mass of combining whey protein and creatine. Given that lets break the question into 3 parts: 1 - Whey Protein Benefits 2 - Creatine Benefits 3 - Affect of combining the two 1 - Whey protein benefits: Whey Protein has many benefits recognised in the medical community. These range from increasing lean muscle mass and reducing body fat to reducing cholesterol, producing antibodies, hormones, and haemoglobin. Protein also greatly assists proper immune function and normal blood pressure. Whey protein is also commonly used to assist persons with HIV and cancer to maintain lean muscle mass. It is also contained in infant formula due to its many benefits. Those sensitive to lactose should consult their doctor before taking protein supplements as these contain lactose. 2 - Creatine benefits: Creatine helps muscles and cells by providing them with increased energy as they require it. The muscles uptake and store phosphocreatine (creatine) which is then transformed to Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is then supplied to the muscles being recruited during intense short term exercise such as sprinting or weight lifting. This has the affect of increasing maximal strength and the duration that maximal strength can be exerted. Numerous studies show that creatine increases strength and muscle cell size significantly. 3 - Combining creatine and whey protein: There are no studies known that support the theory that combining creatine and whey protein provides any synergistic action. While combining one will not increase the effectiveness of the other, they do provide different benefits and are commonly combined in supplementation regimes. The whey protein is often taken within 30-90 minutes pre or post exercise to rebuild and repair damaged and stressed muscle cells and the creatine provides the energy needed to lift increasingly heavier weights and exert increasing amount of strength and power. More detailed information on creatine and whey protein can be found by following the related link "Nutrition for Athletic Performance"

Can you take creatine while using diuretics?


How long to take creatine?

There is always a temptation for people to believe that dietary supplementation (such as Creatine, Amino Acids, extra Protein) makes a difference to performance. While a well-balanced diet is always important in athletic performance, it is a wrong mindset to think about supplementation rather than than the content of your training. There are also concerns about the consumption of Creatine.

Can you take universal animal cuts with creatine?

Mixing dietary supplements should always be done under the supervision of a medical professional or a nutritionist. Mixing universal animal cuts while taking creatine can dehydrate a body and deplete important nutrients.

What is the best muscle building protein?

Proteins that come from white meat, eggs and milk products are probably the best muscle building protein sources. They are also the most widely used sources of protein and you will see these on almost every single body builder's diet. You should also try to get some BCAA and creatine with your diet in case you already don't have them. BCAA is a very known pre-workout protein you get from different supplements, while creatine is a protein that is nearly impossible to get without eating it in form of supplements.

What are some supplements that are recommended when trying to gain muscle?

The best five supplements that are recommended when trying to gain muscles is Creatine, Beta Alanine, Whey Protein, Branch-Chain Amino Acid and Glutamine. One should also keep in mind that those supplements only work when the person also works out.

Can you take Viagra while loading up on creatine?


Can you take creatine while on the hcg diet?


What kind of creatine supplement should you buy?

i'd suggest the cheapest form..which is creatine monohydrate powder..its effectivenes is proven over time .... remember to drink lots of water while active on creatine..for sure stay away from the formulas( they are nothing but creatine with sugar)...if you find mono creatine discomfort for your stomach you can try ethylester creatine

How do you get bulk?

To get "bulk" you should eat at least 3-5 meals a day while using Creatine and Protein supplements while working out every other day. When working out add more weight to your weights every time.

Why do different types of protein exist?

We should note that enzymes are proteineous but not all enzymes are protein,actually it depends in the sequence of the amino acid polymerization,for instance in the change of valine of normal haemoglobin to glutamine of sickle haemoglobine and some protein constitute its monomers alone while others constitute another chemical component apart from their monomers.