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yep. but if she totally freaks out don't worry. just give her space.

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How can you tell my family that you like girls too?

Just tell them that I like this girl......and I hope that is OK with you!! Hope that helps!(:

What would you say to a girl that you like?

Ok, I have been through many realationships and i have found that the best way to tell a girl/or a person that you like them is that you just tell them. dont be shy about it!

How do you get the girl of your dreams?

OK first she has to be real and if you like her tell her you never know what she will say.

How can a seventh grade girl ask out an eighth grade guy?

flat out tell him you like him. if he doesnt like you then its ok

How do you get a girl to stop thinking you like them in middle school?

you tell her you don't like her and if she's like OK what ever then ignore her and go hang out to the girl u actually like

What do you do when a girl likes a boy and he like her but a girl is to shy to ask him her out?

If you like the girl just ask her! it will be fine if you know she likes you just ask her and it will be ok i promise!!!!! tell me when you get the news!! that girl is going to be so happy!!!

How do you tell if a 12 year old girl likes you?

Ok, you can tell a 12 year old girl likes you if she looks at you all the time. Girls definetly stare when they like you. You can tell wen she like always wants to be around you and likes to talk to you.

What to do if you tell a girl you like but she says we are just friends but she acts like your girlfriend?

Just say ok we are just friend's and I will always love you.

How can you tell when your mom is ok with you crossdressing as a girl?

She doesn't punish you for it.

You want to tell a girl you like her?

yup i want to tell a girl that i like her

If you like a boy and he knows that he likes you but he doesnt say anything does he like you?

ok ok ok the girl has to ask the guy ok im a guy i know the girl asks the guy about in love the guy asks the girl about marriage though.

How do you tell a girl you like her after she just broke up with your cousin she also likes you?

wait for a while until she completely over the guy and then go tell her you like her but don't say it out of nowhere ok

How do you tell if your penis is long enough?

if it is seen by a girl and given the OK

What if you find out your boyfriend is cheating on you?

Ask him straight up, "Are you cheating on me?" If he says yes and is telling the truth, tell him, "Do you want me to break up?" or "It's ok if you don't like me." If he says no, and is lying, tell him,"Why are you lying? I saw you kissing that girl." Something like that. If he says he's sorry, tell him it's ok and you understand.

Is it ok for a girl to kiss another girl?

No it is NOT! if you like her and she likes you then ya

Your friend hates the girl you like and the girl you like likes him?

woah. your stuck but i would have your friend tell her he doesn't like her the she likes him. then a couple minuites after she is totally crushed go and ask her if she is ok and hug her. and talk to her about it she will fall for you, fast!

How can you tell a boy you like he hurt your feelings?

You "like"--OK if you like it tell him your glad you'll be missing out DONT like --tell him your feelings !

What if a girl ask you what you like about her?

tell her the truth, tell her what you like about her

If you like a girl what should you do?

tell them you like them do not be afraid to tell them

How do you tell your girl best friend you like them?

just say i think you are really smart funny ..... and pretty smile and ask if she likes you ok

What to say to a girl you like?

ok i like this girl an when im on the phone with her i dont know what to say

What do you tell a girl when you like her?

i like you

How do you tell a girl you like them?

that depends on the girl

How do you tell a girl a like her?

Just tell her

How do you tell a friend that's a girl you like her when you are a boy?

OK you have a VERY common question. If you like a girl and shes like your friend and you're a guy its EASY to tell her you like to just say "I have feelings for you and i REALLY like you" the chances are she will probably like you back and not just as a friend so just tough up be a man AND ASK HER OUT ALREADY!

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