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Use the exact weight oil in your engine as is listed in your owners manual. Most major brands are good. I use Pennzoil and have for over 30 years. Never had an internal engine problem. Also use a good oil filter. Purolator & Wix are a good choice.

2006-09-06 15:52:55
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Q: Is it ok to use SAE 10W 30 oil on a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2 manual transmission it is now the beginning of fall and what is a good brand to use?
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What type of gear oil do you use for a 1999 Hyundai elantra manual transmission?

Any brand 90 wt. oil will do fine.

What is the best transmission fluid for a 1999 Ford Ranger?

In all actuality there isn't really any certain brand that is best for it. It is recommended that you use mercon type F in either a manual or an automatic transmission

What kind of transmission fluid is used in a 1996 Honda civic cx 5 speed manual transmission?

Answer10w30 motor oil is sufficient, but for longevity you wuold want to go with hondas brand of manual transmission oilactually u need to put 80w 90 gear oil in ur tranny only about a quart and a half

What transmission fluid is best for a 1995 Pontiac Firebird?

If it is automatic transmission you can use any brand of tranny fluid as long as it is AF fluid. If it is a manual transmission then use dot 3 brake fluid unless you can find clutch fluid, both work the same.

How do I change the transmission fluid on a 1964 v6 gmc truck and how many quarts does it use Is there a specific brand and or weight of fluid that I need to use?

To change the transmission fluid on a 1964 V6 GMC truck, you will need the manufacturer manual.

What brand of transmission fluid for my Hyundai Accent 1996?

any brand

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Can you use gear oil on 91 acura integra ls tranny?

if it is a manual transmission no gear oil!! regular 10w-40 motor oil any brand it does not matter

What type of transmission fluid and motor oil should be used in 1993 Buick Regal?

Transmission fluid is Dexron 3. The brand oil is your choice. The weight of the oil should be listed on the dipstick, fill cap, or owners manual. Probably 10W30

What type of transmission oil is used for a 1992 940?

Depending on the transmission type, a 1992 Volvo 940 requires: Automatic transmission: Dexron III (technically, Dexron II, but most brands on the market these days are all upgraded to DEX III). Or, you can also use Volvo's OE brand of automatic transmission fluid, which of course meets the specs of Dexron II/III. The fluid capacity is 2.2 quarts. 4 speed Manual transmission: Type F (2.8 quarts) 5 speed Manual transmission: Type F (1.6 quarts)

What type of transmission fluid for a 1984 Subaru GL 4 cylinder?

any brand of dextron for an automatic 75w-90 for rear diff. and front diff as well as manual tranny.

What name brand transmission is in a 2005 silverado C1500?

would be a 4L60E / 4L65E . Transmission.

1.9 transmission of a ford escort fit on a 1.8 dohc motor?

No, I looked into this myself. I have the 93 escort GT with a 1.8. Only another 1.8 escort and certain tracer transmissions will fit. The price does not come cheap between $800 (rebuild) and $1500 (new). I thought I was going to have to trash the whole car because of the transmission. If you are having trouble getting the car to go in first gear, and shifting up to 3rd gear while driving, or going in reverse, join the club. Buy a new transmission filter ($20) and some new transmission fluid ($10). The transmission pan comes off and the filter is right there. My car runs pretty good now, it should last me a few more years. I was amazed how this worked over buying a brand new transmission.

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What kind of oil does a 98 ford escort zx2 use?

5w30 any premium brand.

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What is the transmission fluid capacity of a 2008 ford escape?

transmission fluid level and what brand should I use in it

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