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Q: Is it ok to use a crib built before 2000?
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What weight oil for a 4.3 liter marine engine?

What does your owner's manual say? If you have none and the engine was built after 2000 I would use 5w30. If built before 2000 use 10w30.

What can you use to make a sentence with nontoxic?

Read the label to be sure the solution is nontoxic before you clean the baby's crib.

What did Mary and Joseph use as a crib?

Mary and Joseph had touse the straw on floor of the stable as a crib.

Where do you need a crib mattress?

You would most likely need a crib mattress if you have a small child who sleeps in a crib. You may also need one if you convert to a small toddler bed in which case you could also use a crib mattress.

How do you use the word nestled in a sentence?

The baby was nestled in his crib.

What was used before the Golden Gate Bridge was built?

Before the Golden Gate bridge was built they had to use a Ferry to get across the river(the glolden gate strait)

Why do you use 0.045 orthodontics in the fabrication of palatal crib?

adams clasp

What is the slang definition of the word crib?

It means like where you live I'll use it in a sentence if it helps. Welcome to my crib don't touch any thing!

What is a good brand of crib?

I like the Delta Enterprise 3-1 crib.It's good because you can use it as a toddler bed when the baby outgrows the crib.

What age can a kid sleep with a pillow?

The most common recommendation is 2 years old...and not before they start sleeping in a toddler bed. While still in a crib, they might use a pillow to step on to help them get out of the crib, which could be dangerous. However, as with everything, you'll have to do what works for you.

What type of rear brakes does the 2000 cirrus use?

Most have drum, a few where built with rear disc.

Toddler Bed Mattress?

Yes, the crib mattress will probably fit in the toddler bed. Some crib mattresses are different size so it won't necessarily fit, but many people use their child's crib mattresses in toddler beds.

Why do experts discourage the use of crib bumpers?

The American Pediatric Society discourages the use of crib bumper pads for several reasons. Bumper pads are only decorative in nature since laws now regulate the size between the slats of a crib. Bumper pads have a risk of causing strangulation or suffocation.

What did australopithecus use to build their houses?

they built it out of pillows and candy canes. whoever edited this before me was a fail, they built their houses out of rocks and leaves.

Is there a crib bedding set that can be thrown in the washer and dryer without harming it?

Yes, almost all crib bedding sets come with washing directions for use in home washers.

What is Difference between crib and cot?

There is no difference between the two. The Americans use the word "crib" while the British use "cot". The word crib is also used as a verb describing foul mood. It is derived from the functional aspect of the word since babies cry alot and are in bad moods most of the times.Its either this or the opposite...

Where can you get replacement parts for a broyhill crib?

Try Products America. They're a general supplier of crib parts for different lines. They have a website You search by the style of crib you have, the parts your looking for, or use the visual index. Only catch is that you have to call them up to order the parts.

What type of oil do you use for a 2000 Hyundai Sonata?

The 2000 Hyundai Sonata was built with 2.4L L4 and 2.5L V6 engine options. Both powertrains can use 0W30, 5W30 and 10W30 for year round service.

Who was the king horus?

Yes, the crib mattress will probably fit in the toddler bed. Some crib mattresses are different size so it won't necessarily fit, but many people use their child's crib mattresses in toddler beds.

What is the connotative or slag definition of the word crib?

A crib is literally a bed for a baby. People use this slang to mean their home or where they are staying. Imagine their home as being their bed, and you see why they started using it this way.

Why is the steam-driven locomotive important?

For historical reasons - remember, it was built before any electrical devices were in use.

What is a horses least favorite food?

They don't really like mustard, and it can be use to stop them crib biting.

Is it possible to purchase a baby changing table that is also a crib?

"Yes, there are cribs by Graco that offer a changing table at the end of the crib that can fold up for use and down when not using. Usually changing tables come on top of a the babies dresser but for space concerns the crib changing table is a great option."

Your 2yr old twins are climbing out of there crib they wont go to sleep at night and you cant keep them in there crib what can you do?

You could either get a bigger crib because they may just be outgrowing the one you have or you could stop feeding the kids so that they dont grow. you could also put some kind of tarp over the crib and use a bunji cord to keep it on. That's what I do :D just kidding. :p

Were all drop side cribs recalled?

NO all drop side cribs were not recalled. The new law passed by government is that manufacturers can no longer produce a drop side crib. However, if a consumer has a drop side crib that is not under recall is still ok to use. Please refer to the website to determine if your crib is under recall. If not, then you should feel safe in using your crib with the drop side.