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Is it ok to use the same random number again while signing two messages m1 and m2 using schnorr signature?



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Ok here is the answer u r looking for. You cannot use the same random number twice because it will lead the adversary in to finding the secret key x.

For the first time r1 = gk1 mod p

c1 = H(m1,r1)

s1 = k1 + c1x (mod q)----- eqn 1

output is (r1, s1,m1)

For the second time r1 = r2 = gk1 mod p c2 = H(m2,r1) s2 = k1 + c2x (mod q)-----eqn 2 output is (r1, s2, m2)

eqn1-eqn2 s1-s2=c1x (mod q) - c2x (mod q) s1-s2=x modq (c1- c2) x mod q = s1-s2/c1-c2 s1,s2,c1,c2 and q are known.