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Only you can Judge. Their is nothing "wrong" with entering a relationship with an older woman. In this day and age people are becoming more acepting of this. Look at Anna Nicole Smith and her husband, he was 70 years older than she was. What is 13 years? Go for it, have some fun that's what life is all about!

good luck

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Is it natural if the size of the testicles is not equal?

As long as there is not a drastic difference.

If are spaced closely together on a map there is a drastic temperature change over a difference?


A sentence with drastic in it?

Drastic times call for drastic measures. That was a rather drastic action, don't you think?

What is a synonym for 'drastic'?

Another word meaning drastic is dire or severe

Can you get an antenna for you cellphone in your car?

You can get antennas that will amplify your cell phone reception, but it does not make a drastic difference.

What is a sentence with the word drastic?

I had a drastic dream last night

What part of speech is the word drastic?

Drastic is an adjective.

Drastic changes in an ecosystem?

drastic changes is a violent and rapid.

How do you wrte a sentence using the word drastic?

We have to take drastic measures!!

How would you use the word drastic in a sentence?

i love the word drastic

What are synonyms of the word drastic?

Some synonyms for drastic are severe and radical.

How do you put drastic in a sentence?

The doctor had to use drastic measures for the surgery.

What group who favored drastic change?

Anarchists favored drastic change.

What should you do if your in a relationship with someone but you like a different person who is in a relationship too?

Well, you have to break up with the person you are going out with. Then you have to wait for the other person to get out of their relationship before asking them out. Don't try to sabotage their relationship. After all, you wouldn't want someone to do that to you. Think about the consequences of your actions before doing anything too drastic.

Sentence for word drastic?

The government would have to take drastic measures after the attack.

Drastic in a sentence?

Waking up an hour earlier in the morning was a drastic change for me.

How do you use drastic in a sentence?

The punishment was to be sent to the princibles office, it wasn't so drastic.

What was the German reason for taking such drastic action?

German took it drastic because of what they have done

What does the word drastic mean?

Drastic: Extreme, radical; strong and rapid!!!!it is when to act rapidly or vilontly.

What is a sentence with the word drastic in it?

When I submitted my book to the editor, he didn't like it and made drastic changes.

What is an example of a sentence using the word drastic?

Let's not entertain the thought of more drastic measures in this instance. The personnel department will have to make some drastic cuts next year.

Why is there such a drastic price difference between a Mens Gucci Suit and a Safford Suit?

Gucci uses more expensive finner material so it more expensive.

What rhymes with drastic?

Plastic Fantastic plastic mastic drastic orgiastic monastic bombastic iconoclastic spastic

What system can smoking cause drastic changes?

The system that smoking causes drastic changes to is the digestive system.

What is a sentence for drastic emotional fictional flair flamboyant?

The flamboyant fictional character had a flair for drastic emotional reactions.With drastic emotional reactions, the fictional character displayed a flair for a flamboyant attitude.