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That depends on what "relationship" meansBut seriously, that's pretty dicey. Not only is there a huge age gap, it is aggravated by his lack of maturity. If you were 60 and he 45, it wouldn't be nearly as odious. Look, if you're in it for the sex and so is he, if he's not going to get all emotionally involved with you, then maybe it's okay (assuming you're actually not breaking any laws), but if you had to ask the question, I suspect you know it's not socially acceptable. Otherwise, it's GREAT! Hello Mrs. Robinson!You know already that it's wrong! You are more mature and wiser and this is a young boy you are talking about that can't possibly have the maturity level to know what he's doing, but would probably be quite titilated to tell his friends he had sex with an older woman. In case you aren't aware there are Statutory Rape laws. If this leaked out and you hold a position at work you could well lose your job over this. The main thing is depending on the young man it might not be as great an experience for him as you would like to think it is. You are more titilated with the thought of molding him to what you want him to do without much of a fuss. Do the kid a favor and stay away! Answer

It may be legal, but it's wrong. A 17 year old is a child, both legally and developmentally. An adult has no business dating a child. This is sick, and the fact that the adult is a woman does not make her any less of a pedophile.


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Legally, yes. Just don't get too excited about it lasting. The difference in your maturity and experience is extreme, and it will be difficult to maintain a meaningful relationship.

There is nothing wrong legally with the relationship. Family members may be concerned about the age difference.

First of all, this relationship is absolutely not okay. I am assuming he is married, since you mentioned children, and the fact that he is flirting with you means that he is either unhappy with his mate, or he just likes to flirt with other women. He could easily leave the relationship to be with you, but be warned. If he could easily leave the relationship with this other woman to be with you, then he could easily leave you for another woman. I hope this serves as a warning to you.

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