Is it okay for a teenage Mormon to wear the other sex's underwear?

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To Mormons, probably not. For any teenager at all, provided it doesn't interfere with how your life would otherwise run.
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Change to wearing thong bikini underwear cause a yeast infection teenage girl?

Wearing a thong can be a contributing factor to developing a yeast infection. This can occur because thongs are significantly tighter and more constricting that regular underwear. Thongs also make it easier for bacteria from the anus to travel to the vagina (in small amounts). Yeast infections can h ( Full Answer )

Is it okay to make a 12-year-old boy wear his sister's underwear if he is caught invading her room and going through her underwear and will this stop his curiosity?

I don't think that will help. If he is getting an allowance then take some of the allowance away from him or make him do chores that he does not like to do such as dishes or mopping the floor. Making him wear his sisters undergarments is not nice. . Humiliation tactics never succeed and usually cr ( Full Answer )

Why do mormons wear special underwear?

Answer: only when we go into the temple In Exodus 40:13 it says: . 13 And thou shalt put upon Aaron the holy garments, and anoint him, and sanctify him; that he may minister unto me in the priest's office.. Mormons put on these "special underwears", aka: the holy garments, as an outward si ( Full Answer )

How do you wear underwear?

you put the underwear through ur les and then u pell them up to ur waste

Why do you have to wear underwear?

Main reasons we wear underwear: - Hygienic purposes e.g whilst trying on clothes from a store - To feel comfortable and confident - Protect your private area from view e.g when changing in clothes in change room -Protect pants from stains - Holds sanitary pads - Privacy whilst wearing a skirt or dre ( Full Answer )

I am a teenage guy Can I wear bikini or thong underwear?

Sure Answer If you enjoy that sort of thing, then of course you can! You're not hurting anybody, so go for it! There are many thongs made for guys, most are not in your local store but easily available by mail or on line. Try eBay or The Thong Wearers Message Board at http://thongboard.aimoo. ( Full Answer )

Why does other Muslims do not wear underwear?

That is not true. There is nothing that may prevent Muslims from doing so. However, Muslims never wear underwear on Hajj as that is one of the rules/ traditions. It is the same in Pakistan and many hot countries where it is more healthy not to wear, and I prefer not to. But no religious reason e ( Full Answer )

What percentage of teenage girls don't wear underwear?

I don't at all, I mean sereously, ways the big deal? I don't have a single pear. I where mini alerts without them I where mini skirts with high heals and I don't care. If a guy looks at my viginer, he's a perv. And most of all I think all girls should do the same

Is it okay for an 12 year-old to wear no underwear?

If the 12-year-old is fine with it himself/herself, then yes. But be aware of the infections and deceises it might come with it. A 12-year-old should not be forced to not wear underwear, as most people feel more secure when wearing underwear. Do not take that secure feeling away.

Is it okay to sniff your underwear after you fart in it?

If you are very interested in how bad your fart stinks and you can not smell it from all the way up at your head it is very okay to go ahead and take off your underwear and sniff it. If you want to you should offer your girlfriend a sniff as well.

Do guys wear other guys underwear?

mostly gays but some straight people do it depends on who he is if hes you brother yes best friend yes girlfriends boyfriend no uncle no cousin no

Is it okay to marry a Mormon and let your kids be Mormon if you are Catholic?

No, if you are a true believer of the Catholic faith, it is important to you to marry a Catholic, so that your marriage can be sanctified the the Church, and so that your children can grow up as Catholics. Likewise, if your intended is a true believer of the Mormon faith, it is important for him or ( Full Answer )

Why do Mormons have to sleep in their underwear?

Shouldn't everyone sleep in their underwear? If you are referring to endowed adult members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (commonly called "Mormons") who sleep in their temple garment, it is because the garment is to be worn at all possible times, which pretty much excludes only ( Full Answer )

Is it okay for a teenager to lose her virginity?

Some say no because most teens are unprepared to handle consequences of sexual intercourse, whether it be STD's, pregnancies, heartbreak, and so on. Others say, so long as the person is physically, mentally, and legally mature, if they are a teen ready to lose their virginity, it's okay. So, all i ( Full Answer )

Can Mormons wear regular underwear over their temple garments?

Sure. So long as the temple garment is worn properly, anything may be worn over it. Most Church members don't want to wear regular underwear (aside from women's bras) over the temple garment because it just adds extra bulk.

Is it okay for teenage Mormons to crossdress for Halloween?

yes it is but only if the clothes are appropriate What a Mormon chooses to wear for Halloween is up to them. The Church has dress guidelines, which say such things as "through your dress and appearance... you should show that you are a disciple of Jesus Christ", and "when choosing clothing, ask y ( Full Answer )

Is it okay to let your Mormon teenage daughter wear a thong?

What your daughter wears is obviously between you and her, however you asked with specific reference to your faith. For such questions, your local Bishop will be in the best position to assist you in your concern.

Is it okay to wear underwear or panties when you are 14 years old?

Of course it is. In fact, a 14 year old should wear underwear or panties. They support the rear and also shape them up so they do not become rather, well, saggy. So, yes, it is very much okay for a 14 year old to wear underwear or panties.

Do Mormons have to marry other Mormons?

No. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) are encouraged to marry those of the same religion because having similar values and beliefs in the home typically promotes a more peaceful and cohesive environment in the home. It is not a requirement to marry some ( Full Answer )

What are facts about Mormons for teenagers?

There are some great online sources of information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church), which are provided below under "Related Links". The Church has a big focus on teens and young adults, and spends a lot of time and money in providing activi ( Full Answer )

What did the Mormons wear?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) can wear whatever they want. The Church does have clothing standards that most members choose to follow. These guidelines suggest that Church members dress modestly, avoiding "short shorts and skirts, tight clothing, ( Full Answer )

What age do Mormons start wearing Mormon underwear?

I am assuming by "Mormon Underwear" you are referring to the Temple Garment. The Temple Garment is considered extremely sacred to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is not generally discussed in casual conversation or shown to those outside of the faith. The Garment is ( Full Answer )

Is it okay for your boyfriend to let other girls wear his clothes?

Well, that depends on the situation. If it's a relative or family member, of course. If it's a floozy who throws herself all over him, BEAT THE TAR OUT OF HER A*S. And if he does let other girls wear his clothes, you should find out why first rather than jump to any conclusions and do/say some ( Full Answer )

What kind of underwear do mormon men wear?

Male members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) have the same underwear options as other men: boxers or briefs (or boxer-briefs!). Those Church members who have chosen to be "endowed" (recieve a sacred priesthood ordinance in a Temple ceremony) are obligated to ( Full Answer )

Is it okay to have teenagers express themselves?

You have asked a loaded question. First, The teen years start at 13 and go through 19. What is permissible for a 19 year old may not be permissible for a 13 year old. Second, It is OK for teens to express themselves under some conditions and not under other conditions. The Supreme Court of the Unite ( Full Answer )

Why do Mormons believe in spiritual underwear?

Many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) choose to participate in a sacred religious ceremony called the 'Endowment', which takes place in the Temple. Similar to baptism or marriage, the endowment is an ordinance which is performed by someone who holds th ( Full Answer )

Is it okay to want to purchase celebrities' underwear?

The answer depends on who you ask. Some may find this to be "nasty." Others will say, "Each their own," and yet others will actually try to purchase such items. So there is a wide gamut of public attitudes on this. Auction sites will often let you sell used underwear so long as it is cleaned and san ( Full Answer )

Is it okay for a male to get aroused by mens underwear?

This is not a question of okay or not okay, it just is . Ashuman beings, we are sexually aroused by any number of stimuli forany number of reasons. As long as it does not lead to innapropriatebehavior such as stealing someone else's underwear, excessiveobsession and/or hoarding behavior, or becomin ( Full Answer )

Is slimfast okay for teenagers?

yes it is just a meal supplement with different vitamins and stuff. I am 14 and i drink slimfast (no I'm not fat). though do not drink this for all of your meals because it could be dangerous

Is it okay a teenager to wet their pants?

If you have a disease causing you to wet your bed its OK but at age 10 people without the disease should stop wetting their beds and get and go to the bathroom. So no it is not OK to wet to wet the bed at that age.

Is it okay for a teenager wear jeans to a job interview?

I would say maybe not because you always want to look professional at an interview and I think a teenager should wear something like black pants. If you wear black pants and look neat and a nice top too you will impress the people there =)

What is fabric is Mormon underwear made of?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the"Mormon" church) can wear any type of underwear they choose. ThoseMormon adults who have participated in an endowment ceremony in theTemple typically wear a garment under their outer clothing toremind them of the commitments they made in ( Full Answer )

Why do Mormons have special underwear?

Devout adult members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) who have participated in certain ceremonies in the Temple are obligated to wear a special underwear (the temple garment). This underwear is worn for several reasons: 1), It is meant to remind them of covena ( Full Answer )

Do Mormon men wear special underwear?

Adult men and women who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the 'Mormon' church) may choose to participate in a special ceremony in the Temple called the Endowment. As a part of the Endowment ceremony, the person will make certain covenants or promises with God. They will ( Full Answer )

Does Mitt Romney wear Mormon underwear?

Mitt Romney, like most adult members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the 'Mormon' church) has participated in a sacred Temple ceremony called the 'Endowment', in which a special priesthood garment is given to the participant. This garment is a symbol of the covenants and promises ( Full Answer )

How are mormon underwear different from others?

Most adult members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) choose to participate in a special Temple ceremony called the "Endowment". During this ceremony, a person makes covenants or promises with God and is given a sacred garment to remind them of these promises. T ( Full Answer )

Is the Mormon underwear required to be a Mormon?

"Mormon Underwear" are also known as garments. These garments are worn by members of the LDS church who have entered the temple and made covenants with the Lord. The garments are a reminder and an outward expression of those covenants made with God. There are MANY LDS members who have never been th ( Full Answer )

Do the Mormons really wear magic underwear?

No, they do not. Mormons wear Temple Garments not magic underwear. There isn't one bit of magic to Temple Garments. Temple Garments are more like a physical reminder of covenants, or promises that Mormons make to God. They also provide protection. Although that depends on the wearer if they belie ( Full Answer )

Can men wear other men underwear?

Sure, Maybe Wash them first ?!? use BossHead boxer briefs underothers.. as long as they are against the skin they will work reallywell

What underwear do teenage guys wear?

Teenage guys are as different as anyone else. Underwear is apersonal preference. Different guys wear different types ofunderwear.

What is the fabric Mormon mesh underwear is made of?

The Temple garment worn by endowed members of the Church of JesusChrist of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church), sometimes calledthe "Mormon underwear" is available in many different materials.The current options are Carinessa (microfiber polyester spandex),Corban (soft nylon), Cotton Poly Jersey ( Full Answer )

What age can a Mormon date when he is a teenager?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the"Mormon" church) are encouraged to avoid dating until they are atleast 16 years old. Many young Mormons also choose to avoid havinga serious or 'steady' relationship until they return from missionservice. (usually age 20 or 21)

Is it ok to wear other people underwears?

I don't think so because certain people have certain bacteria that other human bodies cannot get used to and in that case it will cause sickness so just stick to your own underwear.

What do Mormon teenagers like?

They are like normal teenagers, although we don't swear, drink,steal, cheat, do drugs, or do or watch immoral things.