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It is probably fine. Is she open with you about this man? Are you welcome to join them when they are together? Does he seem comfortable around you? If so, you have nothing to worry about. Get to know him, and don't worry. If she lies about him, does not want you in the room with him, or hides her relationship from you, you may need to discuss it more with her.

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Who is Prophet Brian Carn Girl friend?

He doesn't have one because it is not of God unless he has a wife. Okay!

Did Andre the Giant have a wife?

NO Andre had no wife. He had a horse ranch in Kentucky, I believe and had a good friend (male) living on the ranch.

Is it okay to want to wear your wife panties?

If it's okay with your wife, sure!

Married man trying to be close friends with a single woman?

If your wife knows everything and is okay with this friendship then that is both your choice but typically it is not wise. Ask yourself why you feel compelled to have this friendship as well would you approve and like your wife having a very close single male friend...

Is it okay to be with a guy who is 12 years older than you?

Absolutely! I just had my 15 year anniversary with my Wife. I am 34, my wife is 19

Is it okay to cheat on your wife?

ANSWER:You can find the answer to your question by asking yourself a question. Is it okay for my wife to cheat on me?

Is okay to sleep with your wife sister?

Ask your wife.

Is it okay if your wife's a lesbian?

Yes, however, if you are a male, you might want to seek counselling with your wife, and make some difficult decisions about the future.

Is it okay for a guy to have a wife and a boyfriend?

No, It is not okay. That is still infidelity

Did Frodo's friend have a wife?

Frodo's friend did have a wife, but Frodo didn't.

Why does a male friend tell you about his sexual encounters and relationship he has with his wife?

That means he probably likes you more than his wife and wants to tell you about his "good times" to make you impressed or jealous...

What could my male friend be doing that's unhappy in his marriage?

He may not be cherishing her wife the proper way... read the Bible to learn more.ORHis wife may be not a reasonable woman, but anyways...he must cherish his wife whatever it takes..Marriage is permanent.. I suggest that you recommend your friend to watch fireproof.

Is it okay for your wife to read your email?

well it depends on your relationship with your wife and how truthful you are to her.

How do you itercourse with pregnant wife?

okay what you do is ........................................................ ^^&$%$((#$*)(#@!@R%&^*$

What are the signs that your boyfriend is not over his ex-wife?

he will act like he is okay and u know that he is not okay . whenever u talk about he gets upset.

How do you get the wife into a male female male threesome?


What are the release dates for The Farmer's Daughter - 1963 The Wife of Your Friend May Not Be a Friend of Your Wife 3-28?

The Farmer's Daughter - 1963 The Wife of Your Friend May Not Be a Friend of Your Wife 3-28 was released on: USA: 1 April 1966

You have had your wife cheat on you with who you thought was your best friend What can you do to work past it since you still want to be with your wife Myself and my friend are in the military.?

You and your wife should attend couples counseling. As to your friend, we would suggest that anyone who gets it on with your wife ... isn't.

Who was the male country singer on Extreme Makeover Home Edition singing about his life with his wife throughout the years?

Gavin Rossdale

What page does Lennie kill curleys wife?

okay so his wife dies at page 1

Who is your friend next to you?

My Wife.

Is is okay to wear your wife panties?

Only if she feels comfortable about it.

Is it okay to divorce a husband who beats and cheats on his his wife?


How was king arthur betrayed by his best friend and wife?

Because his wife was a hooker and his best friend was a sperm whale hunter

Who was Leonardo's wife?

he did not have a wife, but he had 1 feminan friend...Isabella D'Este