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Is it okay to cut open a Buddha statue?

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Buddha is NOT a God, he never claimed to be God. He was a man who became enlightened, hence the name Buddha (meaning one who is enlightened). Buddha is a teacher, someone to look up to, but never worship. The artwork are just symbols and reminders of this man and the great work he has done. Material things in this world mean nothing to a true Buddha. That said, some people will consider it disprespectful. For example, would you deface a portrait of the Queen of England, the American Flag or something you respect (not worship)? Absolutely not! Whether we understand another's religious beliefs or not, we should always have respect for most belief systems and not desecrate anything pertaining to their religious beliefs. What matters will be the purpose of the cutting. If done in anger, or in ill intentions, it will be bad. If done in pure intensions ie. Archeology etc. it won't be a problem. As buddhists it pains us to see the cutting of a buddha statue. But you'll never "go to hell, or be cursed" because you cut open a buddha statue. Answer To be honest when I saw this question I was slightly offended and horrified. But it is true... The Buddha was never- and never claimed to be- a god... so you will not be punished for it... I suppose. Though it is disrespectful to the Buddha. However, whoever wrote above me is correct. Do it with a pure heart and I suppose it isn't so bad Answer: The question is close to the Samuria Zen koan "If you meet the Buddha on the road - kill him!" It shocks you in several ways -Why would you. What would it mean. Shame! - Eventually there is a sense of equanimity that goes past that. Answer: yes everyone is right that you will not get punished if you cut open a Buddha statue as the buddha is not a God but it is very stupid and disrespectfull if you did.

2008-10-31 00:43:34
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