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Q: Is it okay to drain a hot tub of chlorinated correctly balanced water with some soap in it into the garden?
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Can you change a chlorinated pool to salt water with out draining it?

Yes there is no need to drain a chlorinated pool to change it to salt water pool all you have to do is add the salt install the new equipment and run it as usual.

Do you have to drain traditional chlorinated water before switching to salt water pump?

no, and I think you mean "salt water chlorine generator" not "salt water pump"

If my inflatable pool has a drain plug in the bottom can I attach a garden hose to drain water through?

If that will work then, yes. Most inflatables have no fittings that are compatible with a garden hose fitting. K

Can I connect a sink outside to inside kitchen sink drain?

That's possible but difficult and seemingly unnecessary. Why not just lead it's drain to the garden or to perimeter drain.

What cleaning products can be used with a septic system?

Don't use any drain cleaners, highly chlorinated products or much bleach. Do not use 'anti-bacterial ' washing soaps.

Where is it best to drain de filter?

Drain it to your sewer if possible DE as a powder is hazardous to health so don't water the garden with it.

How will you drain the tub?

Suck it out with a piece of garden hose or a piece of tubing

How fast will a battery drain on an iPhone 5s?

The battery should drain slowly on an iPhone 5s. If the battery was charged correctly the first time. It should take around 10 hours to drain.

How drain the gas on a 1993 ford aerostar?

siphon It out with a cut garden hose..

When might I need to have a drain pipe inspection?

There are multiple reasons to get your drain pipe inspected. One major reason to inspect a drain pipe is before buying a house to make sure everything runs correctly.

How do youm dispose of household bleach in an environmentaly friendly way?

Believe it or not, it's safe to put down your drain. (Our drinking water systems are chlorinated / chlorine kills harmful bacteria.) But why not give it to a friend or neighbor who use it.

How do you clear an external drain?

Lift the external grate in your garden,, get hold of a flexible drain kit ,push it in the drain holes, and push back and forth, put taps on so water can help to flush away the build up in the drains.

How do you drain coolant on a 2003 cavalier Using a quarter inch drive the plug turned slightly and stopped Nothing drains out?

if i remember correctly, once plug is turned counterclockwise to a stop, you must pull drain plug out slightly for antifreeze to drain.

What is a current problem in California?

Our major problem is passing a balanced budget. Everything from education to roads is going down the drain.

How do you drain fuel tank of 87 alfa romero spider?

With a garden hose. Start suckin'

How to Fix a leaning quick set pool?

only way to fix it is relevel it drain it all out and level the ground correctly

What is the size of a 2002 Chevy Suburban oil drain plug?

I think it's a 17mm....if I remember correctly. Maybe a 16mm.

Can you fix a flooded garden I left a hose on overnight and flooded the garden can I so anything to fix it?

Luckily, at this time of year it is probably still warm and dry and nature will take care of the problem. You could possibly drain the garden, if there is a patio, using a shop vac.

Is there a good way to empty an above-ground swimming pool?

Get the garden hose, run it from the pool to a drain and siphon the water out.

Can you drain a leaking hot water heater by running hot water in home?

No, you have to attach a garden hose to the fitting at the bottom of the tank. Often the tank will have sediment built up in it and the water will drain very slowly from this.

Where is the drain to an above ground swimming pool?

Unless you had the pool installed with a bottom drain there is not a drain on an above ground pool. You'll have to pump the water out using a sump pump or siphon it out using a garden hose. Please note having a bottom drain in any pool does not indicate that it is an actual drain as in house plumbing. The word "drain" or "main drain" is used most likely for lack of a better term. The only way to drain any pool is to use a portable pump and pump the water out. k

What size socket is needed for the drain plug on 2006 chev cobalt?

If I remember correctly it is 15. Thanks, Wes

How do you stop the drain valve of a hot water heater from dripping. Is it safe to put a cap on it?

No dont even think about putting a cap on it, its dripping for a reason, call a plumber to fix it, a hot water heater is a dangerous appliance and should not be dealt with lightly. If you have a drip, but can't fix it or get a plumber out right away, use a garden hose to route the water to a drain nearby. Most drain valves are threaded with garden hose fittings.

How do you change the oil in a 26hp kohler engine on a craftsman garden tractor?

Locate oil drain , usually a small pipe with a cap on it, open it, remove the dip stick let drain, replace cap , fill to dip stick level,

How can you clean a vent in a toilet pipe?

you can try a garden hose down the vent on the roof use it like a drain snake with the water on