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If it is in the winter make sure the radiator is full of water with antifreeze before starting the car. If this leak is not too severe it should be ok to drive a couple of miles to a mechanic.

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โˆ™ 2004-03-05 17:34:24
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Q: Is it okay to drive a car to an auto shop less than 2 miles away when your car has been leaking coolant?
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Why do you get steam when the auto AC is on?

The heater core is leaking coolant.

Why would the coolant be leaking from the back of a 1997 z24 car runs fine 4cyl auto trans?

Leaking from the water pump at the back on the passenger side.

How do you fix leaking cap on coolant recovery tank?

Replace it, should only coast a few bucks at auto parts store.

How do you stop antifreeze from leaking inside my 1997 S10 Chevy truck?

If coolant is leaking inside your cabin, you have a leak in the heater core. The only repair is to replace the heater core. Most auto parts stores sell them.

Your car is leaking coolant but the temperature is stable and no smoke comes out The guy at Advance Auto Part Store said it was probably a head gasket but there is no smoke from the tailpipe?

i will switch the question to Auto Zone , this guys at Advance dont give 1 rigth .

How many quarts of coolant 1999 Chevy Tahoe take?

A 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe will take approximately 16 quarts of coolant. The coolant can be purchased at any auto parts store such as Auto Zone.

Does auto air conditioning coolant smell acrid and citrusy?

Your description sounds like engine coolant to me.

It is not important for people to drive with auto insurance.?

It is not important for people to drive with auto insurance.

Can you change from green to red auto coolant?

If the Red Coolant meets the specifications required by you vehicle manufacture you can perform a coolant flush on you system before replacing with the new coolant type.

How do you flush the engine coolant system on a Kia Spectra?

To flush an engine of coolant in the engine of a Kian Spectra refer to the manual. Auto manuals can be purchased at auto part retails or in bookstores.

Don't have auto insurance?

Don't drive an auto.

Where can I buy a coolant temperature sensor?

You can find a good coolant temperature sensor at Auto Parts Warehouse at You may also find them at Advance Auto Parts at

How do you diagnose a radiator leak?

First I eye-ball the radiator and all coolant related parts then if the leak isn't obvious I pump 15 psi of air pressure into the cooling system with a cooling system pressure pump. This usually helps locate the source of the leak.

How to fix oil leaking on Nissan primera auto transmission?

it depends on where its coming from

What kind of coolant do you usr for a 1998 Toyota camrey?

You can use universal coolant which you can find in any auto parts store, or you can use a coolant for Japanese card, or you can go and get coolant at a local Toyota dealer.

Coolant capacity for a 2002 Chevy Tahoe?

The coolant capacity for the 2002 Chevy Tahoe is approximately 16 quarts. The coolant can be purchased at any auto parts store.

Is it okay to drive with coolant water leaking in oil tank?

no!!!!! stop and have the head gasket replaced that is most common reason for coolant leak into oil pan. ---------------- After 35 years of owning my own auto repair shop my experience has been that the most common reason for antifreeze in the oil is a bad intake manifold gasket....Bad head gaskets commonly cause overheating or antifreeze getting into a cylinder and causing a rough running engine and white smoke coming out of the tailpipe.

How many liters of coolant do you need for vectra V6 auto?


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Engine Overheating problem on 1995 jeep Cherokee 4.0?

no coolant leak. no smoke or steam. no water in oil. overheats about every 125 miles. auto trans. cold air.

Can you drive a car without auto transmission fluid for approx 2 miles?

Maybe!I wouldn't. It's an expensive risk if it doesn't work.

Why need auto radiator reservoir?

Engine coolant expands when heated. Heated coolant needs a reservoir to come and go as needed.

What is something you could do if your radiator is leaking engine coolant?

your local auto zone or other parts store should have somthing you put in your radiator to plug it but this is only temporary if the hole gets any more than somthing like a pinhole you will have to replace the radiator

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