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no it is not your baby will be high dont risk the baby being addicted to such a strong drug as novicaine

- That is B.S. it has nothing to do with being addicted and secondly Novicaine is not even used in dentistry anymore. Besides, do all dental patients come out of the office addicted! NO! If you don't know anything about dentistry please refrain from typing about it. Having any medications during pregnancy can have risks to the baby, many local anesthetics contain epinephrine. However you should discuss it with you OBGYN and DDS, the best time to have dental work done is in your second trimester. Think, is it better to have a possible systemic infection due to an untreated dental problem or a small amount of a widely used anesthetic. While most elective procedures should be postponed if you are at risk of getting an infection from a tooth which is badly decayed you need to have it addressed.

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Q: Is it okay to get Novocaine for a root canal during the week of ovulation and conception?
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Can a diabetic have novacaine for a root canal?

Yes. The term "Novocaine" is obsolete, because Novocaine is not used anymore. The more common terms used in dental anesthetics are: Lidocaine, xylocaine, articaine, septocaine, carbocaine, mepivocaine....

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