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No! Its never ok to lie in a tanning bed. It will eventually give you skin cancer!

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Q: Is it okay to lie in the tanning bed twice in one day?
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Is it bad to tan in a tanning bed twice in one day?

Yes. It is recommended to tan no more than once a day.

Can you go tanning twice in one day?

Sure, if you want cancer.

How often can you tan in a tanning bed?

there is a law saying you can only tan once a day

Is it okay to go tanning in a tanning bed the day after you get your belly button peirced?

this should be fine,considering tanning beds basically cook the skin more than anything else,just keep the area clear of tanning lotion and don't get any other chemicals on the piercing,for this will cause a large problem with irritation. i would suggest being very cautious in the tanning bed tough,make sure the piercing stays cool and don't tan too much around it while its healing,for you need to keep the area hydrated and tanning or sunburn of any kind dries the skin

Can doxycycline tablets be split?

My dog is on 50mg of doxycycine twice a day is it okay to split the 100mg tablets and give him half twice a day

Is it okay to bleach hair twice in 2 days?

it is ok to bleach your in twice in one day nothing will happen to it.

How to Get the Best Tan with Tanning Beds?

Tanning beds can instantly relax any person from a hard day’s work. In addition to having the great ability to put people at ease and relaxation, tanning beds give people a nice, bronze glow that looks great. People with light skin can benefit from getting a nice tan with the use of tanning beds. Many people want to try out a tanning bed, but do not know what using a tanning bed entails or the protocol for using a tanning bed. This article will discuss tips one should remember in order to get the best tan possible with tanning beds. First off, it is imperative that you choose the correct amount of time to tan in a tanning bed. If it is your first time every tanning and you have light skin, then it is a good idea to error on the side of caution and tan for only 5 to 8 minutes. You do not want to become burned after your first time using a tanning bed! If you have olive skin and can easily tan, then you may want to choose doing a few extra minutes. You also do not want to get nothing out of your tanning session. Second, it is important to have some sort of tanning lotion you can apply before using the bed. Tanning lotion definitely helps one’s skin in being able to absorb color. There are all sorts of tanning lotions one can choose from for use with a tanning bed. The key is to pick a tanning lotion you think will help give you the best color. Be sure to read the label and make sure what tone of skin the lotion is intended for. It is very important to purchase the right kind of tanning lotion to use with your tanning bed. Lastly, it is a good idea to tan without clothes on in a tanning bed. This way, your tan will be completely even. All too often, people may feel uncomfortable and wear certain articles of clothing in a tanning bed. The only problem with this is that their tans become very uneven. Overall, if you remember these tips then you’ll get the best tan!

What is one min in the tanning bed equivalent to in the sun?

20 min in a medium pressure 100 watt bed is approximately equivalent to about 2 hours in the natural sun at noon. The suns heat changes depending on what time of day it is. So 1 minute in the tanning bed would be about 6 minutes in the natural sun at noon.

Why did you burn so quickly in the tanning bed?

The wavelength in the emitted radiation on a tanning bed are more conducive to burning, in your case, then the wavelengths you would see under the natural lighting of your area. IN a tanning bed you can get tan in 10 min what would take you a hr in the sun... The reason being that the lights are bright and hot and surround you and are very close to you... What is happening while you are tanning is you are literally being cooked from the inside out... so think of a tanning bed as a giant oven. That is why you should not tan for too long or else you can die... I love my tanning bed... If you have one and plan on tanning daily you want to start of with a few min a day then after a few days go up a few more min and so on that way your body gets used to it... If you just go in there after not tanning in a while and tan for lets say 20 - 30 min your more likely to have a sun burn rather than a tan and it is more dangerous as well.

Restrict the use of tanning beds among teens?

Yes. Though using a tanning bed is the choice, I feel that not everyone is willing to look toward the long term effects of using a one. Negative effects may not be noticeable the day after, but may take place twenty years down the road. When tanning beds came out in the 1980's, my mom used them because it was no big deal. A couple years ago, nearly twenty years after, she had a malignant mole removed. Now my mom wasn't a person who sat in a tanning bed every single day. She only used one every once in a while, but from that came dangerous results. I speak from experience when I say that teens don't think about all of their actions. In the case of tanning bed restriction, I believe that no one can be stopped from using a tanning bed permanently, but they can be educated on the negative effects. A compromise could be not completely restricting the use of tanning beds to teens, but making a reduction in the time allowed to spend in a tanning bed. Coming to a compromise isn't a permanent solution to this problem, but it is a start.

How do you deal with pimples?

Scrub your face twice a day; before you go to bed and when you get up in the morning.

How soon after using a tanning bed should you bathe?

If you put accelerator on, you should wait about a few hours. When I go tanning, I take a shower that morning, go tan sometime during the day, and wait to shower the next morning.

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