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The blue color of a swimming pool is not the water that you are seeing, it's actually the reflection of the sky's blue color. When a pool is properly maintained, sanitized with proper chemicals, filtered, and pH balanced the water is clear.

AnswerWell, if you've ever accidentally stained your fingers with food coloring while baking or decorating, you'd know it's probably not a good idea -- for people or your pool surface -- to use it in your pool. I'm sure there are other, more pool-friendly chemicals out there to accomplish a blue hue.

Blue food coloring will stain the people and the probably the pool surface, depending upon the type. Talk to someone at the pool supply store. There are various solutions that can be added such as BioGuard's Polysheen that will not leave a stain and they create a sparkling water appearance.

I would add that if the pool sanitizer is chlorine based, the net effect of adding {blue} food coloring would be to have the "free chlorine" oxidize the coloring substance, reducing the parts per million (ppm) of chlorine, and in effect bleaching the it wouldn't produce any water coloring effect - until the chlorine was used up.

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What are the ingredents in blue food coloring?

The ingredients to blue food coloring is water and blue ink mixed together

What makes blue food coloring turn a white rose blue?

Blue food coloring goes into the water. The white rose takes up water in the stem and turns blue.

How do you make blue food coloring?

ok first you boil vinegar and water . Then you put blue spinkles into the water to make a sweet scent . ...And where do you get the blue sprinkles at walmart where you can get the blue food coloring.

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How do you make water turn blue?

Food coloring, and other dyes.

How can you stop a white flower from turning blue in blue water colored with food coloring?

Dunk it in molten wax before you put it in the blue water.

What will happen if you put a celery stalk in water colored blue from food coloring?

The Veins Will Turn Blue

If you dye your skin blue with blue food coloring will it come off in a chlorinated pool?

Yes, the blue food coloring will probably come off because the chlorine is in the pool to keep it clean. But then again, it really depends on the pool-the more chlorinated it is, the more likely the food coloring is to come off. You could always try it... but I would suggest letting it soak into your skin and then rinsing it off before don't want the lifeguards yelling at you for getting blue food coloring in the pool. If you really must have blue coloring, I would suggest getting a blue sharpie, they stay on better.

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because the sky is blue

Why does pool water appear blue?

It is blue because the pool finish is blue.

Why is the water in quarries blue?

The water in quarries are blue because of the surrounding limestone leeching into the water. These Blue hole as they are sometimes called are deadly and not for recreational swimming.

Can food coloring affect a flowers color?

Yes it can. For instance, if you put blue food coloring in water with a white flower then in a couple of days there will be blue streaks in the petals. It is actually very pretty!

When blue food coloring is dissolved in water the result is?

homogeneous mixture called solution

When you mix food coloring in water to make it blue have you made a solution or suspension?

A Solution

Is it ok put food coloring in crickets concentated water?

Yes, it is okay to put food coloring in Crickets concentrated water. It will change the water to a desired color without any harmful effects. Food coloring colors can include red, blue, green, and yellow.

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It's because the water is deeper.

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Why does the ocean water appear to be blue?

Reflects blue light, absorbs red.

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How do you get the green blue water clear in a swimming pool?

You have to get the metal out of your pool.

How do you make a white rose into a blue rose?

place the cut flower in a jar or water tinted with blue food coloring additive.

What does yellow and green food coloring makes?

Blue food coloring