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There are drops specifically designed for contact lens wearers suffering from dry eyes but it is very important to talk to your Optometrist before using any drops.

If you are experiencing dry eyes regularly- you may want to discuss with your Optometrist an alternative lens. There are some excellent silicone-hydrogel lenses on the market now that let lots of oxygen through to the eye therefore reducing dryness and increaing wear-time and comfort.

Answerno!!!!!!!!!!!! AnswerYes, if they are saline drops or drops approved for contact wearers. They make drops specifically for contact wearers. After all, contacts dry out our eyes. Answernopee.

-Yes , it is okay , but check with your optometrist for safety first . I have put eye drops into my eye with contacts still on . It keeps your contacts for drying out , just don't use water for that .

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Q: Is it okay to put eye drops in while wearing contacts?
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