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Damage you hair is more like it. The chlorine is very bad for your hair and should be rinsed after swimming. A: Not a good idea to shampoo in the hair in the pool. You are contaminating the water.

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โˆ™ 2008-06-29 19:46:41
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Q: Is it okay to shampoo your hair in a pool or will it damage the balance of the pH or the filter?
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Is shampoo a acid or alkali?

I believe that shampoo is a alkali :) because if it was a acid then then i would damage our hair.

What do you put on first shampoo or conditioner?

If you have oily or normal hair: shampoo first, then conditioner(this method will continue to moisturise and cleanse you hair, but also eliminate the remnants of shampoo or styling products that can damage the hair)

Does taking a shower every day damage your hair?

not necessarily, but the shampoo does dry your hair out, if you even shampoo your hair every other day the natural oil's from your hair can help condition it and make it softer

What are Alkaline pH shampoos?

Alkaline PH shampoos are shampoos with a lower PH balance to help prevent damage to your hair. For example, bleach used to lighten hair has a PH close to 8 and your hair is naturally lower, around a 4. An Alkaline PH shampoo will help neutralize the bleach in your hair, preventing damage.

If you don't shampoo will your hair get damage?

No!! It might get dirty and greasy, but it will gain health from natural oils you wash away in shampoo

Why is it important to rinse the hair to remove the shampoo and conditioner?

Because you will not do so your hair can be damage and your hair texture became rough and sticky..

Why is it not good to wash you hair everyday?

The chemicals in shampoo and conditioner can cause damage to your hair if used too often.

Is aveda shampoo okay to use on damaged hair?

"Aveda shampoo is safe to use on all types of hair. Aveda offers a range of products to repair and strengthen hair, such as damage remedy restructuring shampoo and conditioner, intensive treatments, and styling products."

What is the best shampoo to wash a wig in?

You need to wash a wig appropriately in either synthetic wig shampoo or human hair wig shampoo... Washing either synthetic or human hair in regular shampoo will damage the your wig. Guide & Source :

Is it okay to leave shampoo in your hair for a day or so?

No, it will damage your hair roots. There is leave-in conditioner, specially formulated for leaving it in.

Why does shampoo produce white lather?

this is becaus shampoo got chemicals which damage your hair, so don't use shampoo every day. only use it once a week.

Is wax in shampoo good or bad for your hair?

Both. Wax in shampoo is good in the sense that it protects your hair from damage caused by heat, however, it's bad in the sense that it leaves residue and causes a lack of oil in the hair.

Is going from red hair to brown hair with highlights damage hair?

Dying you hair in anyway will damage your hair. It has nothing to do with the color of the dye. If you dye it too much your hair will get frizzy and thin, if you are planning on dying your hair often and dont want this you can get a treatment called a brazillian blow-out or get damage repair shampoo and conditioner.

Can shampoo damage your hair?

Natural shampoo never damage your hair because it doesn't has any paraben and cosmetic. It has zero synthetic with any chemical Vitamin Verve Vitalising Shampoo For more details visit

What effects does acid and alkaline p.h effect the hair and skin.?

The acidity or alkalinity of hair and skin changes it's Ph balance and causes the cuticle of the hair to swell. A neutralizing shampoo will restore its natural Ph balance.

Is RegenePure dr shampoo good for hair?

RegenePure DR shampoo is good for the hair if used once per week. It does contain sulfate which, with regular or daily uses, can damage the hair. It is best to alternate it with a different brand throughout the week.

Should I shampoo after using Loreal salon hair color?

Yes you should always shampoo after using a salon hair color. After L'oreal I like to use the L'oreal LuoPost shampoo because it helps reduce damage from color and brings your hair back to a normal balance. Any of the other Loreal Serie Expert ones are good too. Also Aveda and Aquage make color protecting shampoos that are good for after color. Just anything that is color protecting.

Can you wash your hair with shampoo more than once a day without causing damage?

yes but use over time can be dangerous to your hair

What can you do to revive your hair after damaged hair by striping hair?

You could try purchasing hair damage shampoo, lay off straightners and dont wear your hair in a tight styles. Hope this help

What number is hair shampoo on a pH scale?

That depends entirely on the brand. Usually shampoo is a base and if it is not, then there is something wrong with that shampoo. Since they usually tend to be bases they are usually above 7 on the PH balance scale.

What shampoo could make your hair long fast?

Usually it's not the shampoo that makes your hair grow faster. Get haircuts as much as possible because dead ends stunt the growth of your hair. Try not to straighten it as much, or anything that can damage the ends.

Is head and shoulders 2 in 1 a good shampoo for people?

depending on your hair type if your hair is curly or dry like mine is you shouldn't use it it will damage your hair

What happens if a little bit of shampoo stays in your hair?

Your hair will get greasy much quicker than it normally would. An it will be hard to brush out but there is no real damage done if you don't rinse your hair properly. The excess shampoo left in the hair may also cause irritation to the scalp.

Which shampoo helps hair grow?

No shampoo helps your hair grow.

Which what is the shampoo used after hair spa?

which shampoo is good after hair spa