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You should discuss this with your doctor, hospital or pharmacist.

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Q: Is it okay to take Pamprin if you think you might be pregnant?
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Im 14 and think i might be pregnant x?

Okay, that isn't a question, that's a statement. And beyond that, you made numerous grammatical mistakes. Your statement should have looked like this: I'm 14 and I think I might be pregnant. If you are pregnant, the baby is the LEAST of your problems, honey.

Is it okay for pregnant women to participate in competitive swimming?

No, it might harm the baby, but if its noncompetitive or vigorous it would be acceptable for pregnant women to participate.

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I took the morning after pill 22 hours after sex will i be ok?

sure you'll be okay, but you might be pregnant.

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Is it okay to get pregnant if husband is taking testosterone cypionate?

is it okay to get pregnant if husband is taking testosterone cypionate

Is it okay for the pregnant women to take sodium ascorbate?

Yes. It is okay for pregnant woman to take Vitamin C.

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If you think you are pregnant and want to be it is fine to have unprotected intercourse. If you don't want to be pregnant use contraception in case you are not.

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oh okay

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depends on what you have or if you are pregnant or not

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