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I am 9 weeks pregnant with my first child and I had experienced a horrible migrain, it was to the point that I had gotten admitted into the hospital. The doctor told me that Vicodine was completely safe for pregnant women. It has the same ingredients as Tylenol infact it has Tylenol in it with a narcotic. The only problem would be to get addicted to the drug, otherwise it was safe to take vicodine. They gave me 2 500 mg pills while i was there and then a refill for when I got home. I had a migrain for 3 days because of the pregnancy and Tylenol was not helping but the vicodine calmed it down and by the 4th day it was gone. But you must follow the directions and take 1 to 2 pills every 6 1/2 hours.Most of the time no because it is a narcotic. Talk with your doctor and if you are taking this let him/her know.

:: It is safe to use but not OVER use for anything. I personally don't think that pain meds should be used by a pregnant woman unless its something so painful that you need to be hospitalized for it. My sister had kidney stones and her OB prescribed it to her to take for when her pain got bad until the stones passed.

yes you can. the two ingredients in it are safe completely safe for pregnant women. and at the 500mg level it is not easy to become addicted to. also, take it when Tylenol doesn't work, if you're in a decent amount of pain, that's going to increase your blood pressure, stress and breathing levels, all things that directly affect your baby in a negative way. better to take a safe pill and relieve pain than suffer and put your baby at risk.

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Q: Is it okay to take Vicodin while pregnant?
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While pregnant is it okay to take calcium?

Yes. It is okay to take calcium while you are pregnant. Your doctor will give you one such preparation.

I take vicodin an pregnant is my baby okay?

Go to your doctor as soon as possible and discuss it with him or her, as a physician is the only qualified individual capable of determining whether your baby can tolerate vicodin. Vicodin is category C, meaning that it has not yet been determined if it is okay to take while pregnant. Stay with low doses, as low and infrequently as possible, so as to minimize any effects on the fetus and ask your physician as soon as you possibly can.

I am 35 and want to get pregnant and i take paquenil i heard this is okay to take while pregnant is this true?

Yes it is okay because it doesn't affect the progress of the baby.

Is it ok to drink ensure while pregnant?

It is okay to take this nutritional drink.

Can you take Vicodin and Aleve?

Of course it is okay. I am currently taking aleve for pain, and vicodin for my hip displacia.

Can you take Vicodin while tanning?

I used to take Vicodin while tanning....I was perfectly fine doing so.

Can you take Vicodin if you're pregnant?

Yes. You can take it with the prescription of your doctor.

Is it okay to take Klonopin while pregnant?

You should discuss all your medications with your physician.

Are there any possible side effects of taking monavie while pregnant?

MonaVie is okay to take while pregnant, You should take the original MonaVie instead of the MonaVie Active though.

Is it okay for the pregnant women to take sodium ascorbate?

Yes. It is okay for pregnant woman to take Vitamin C.

Is it okay to take vicodin while pregnant with kidney stones?

It's never okay to take any medicine when you are pregnant. If your life is not endangered or the babies then you shouldn't take anything. Very few studies have been done on the effects of most prescription medicines on the developing fetus. Doctors will tell you "no known effects" because of this. Use common sense and don't take anything unless you absolutely have to for your health or the baby trying to grow inside of you.

I'm 5 weeks pregnant can I take Vicodin?

No! The only type of pain reliever you can safely take at all while being pregnant, whether you're 5 weeks or 8 months or anywhere in-between is extra strength tylenol! You SHOULD NOT take vicodin. It will hurt the development of the fetus and could cause miscarriage.

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