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The first shot of Depo Provera is usually given during or a few days after the start of a menstrual period.

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Q: Is it okay to take the depo prevera shot on the last day of your period?
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What if you already had your period is it still okay to get on the depo shot?

yes, the shot starts working 24-hours after you get the shot.

My first period last only for 2 days is that okay?

I guess.

You took your last pill today and came on your period is that ok?

That should be okay.

Could you be pregnant if your period last one day?

no you do not get a period if you are pregnant but that does not mean it is okay to have unprotected sex on your period sperm can live for 10 days

You had a month without period is that okay?

no it is not okay

Is it okay to eat your period?

no it is not

Is it all right for you to not have periods while on the Depo Shots?

I've been on depo for a year 1/2..yes it is okay for you to stop having normal periods after starting the depo shot. although you might have cramping and spotting after three months when its time for your next shot.

Can your period come after 10days of your last period?

Well, it just depends on how long yours usually last, or how long ago you started. If you just started then your probably okay. My friend got her period 5 days after her last period and she started 6 months ago, but her doctor told her it was completely normal. I hope I helped and good luck(:

Is it okay to spot after your period?


Is it okay for teens to take Depo-Provera?

Most forms of birth control including Depo Provera is recommended for women 16 years of age or old. Talk to your dr to see which type of birth control is right for you.

If your period ends today is it okay to have protected sex?

It's okay to have protected sex at any point in your cycle, even when you are on your period!

Do you count days for a missed period from the day of your last period or from the day you took out your NuvaRing late?

I always count from the day of your period. Taking it out late is okay as long as you don't hve it in for more than 4 weeks.

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