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As Far As I Know You Can Use An Alcohol Free Mouth Wash To Clean Oral Piercings Because That Is What Was Recamended To Me I Sugest ACT Or Tom`s Of Maine.

2006-07-25 12:43:17
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Can you swim when you have just had your ears pierced?

Yes but you should clean your piercings with ear antiseptic or fresh water

Does scope mouthwash hurt a lip piercing?

it wont hurt if you have your ring in but make sure you have your ring in and play with it so you make sure you didnt block the middle with mouthwash Also if you decide to be silly and careless and you dont care about your piercings you can take it out and then mouthwash but then be very sure you put your ring back in right away so it doesnt block up *With new mouth/lip piercings you should always use alcohol free mouth wash.

What can you clean your lip ring with?

Don't play with the jewelry with dirty fingers. Keep your mouth clean. Use antiseptic mouthwash often. USE A MIXTURE OF HALF WATER AND HALF ANTISEPTIC MOUTHWASH. You will need to rinse your mouth out with it after you eat ,drink (except water) , or smoke. If you use antiseptic mouthwash that is blue, the inside of your mouth may , after a few days, appear green. If you use mouthwash that is yellow, the inside of your mouth may appear somewhat yellow. The tissues of your mucous membranes are only being stained by excessive mouthwash use. This condition is O.K., however, you may want to rinse with mouthwash less often if the discoloration persists; which means you may need to do less snacking or smoking, which will require less rinsing. Stay well hydrated during your healing process, and drink plenty of water. Your lip piercing may itch after a few days. Don't scratch at it, pick at it, and try not to play with it while it is healing.Use a germicide to cleanse the front of your lip and the ring.Place a small amount of soap on the ring and spin it through. Rinse with water.Add a teaspoon of UN-IODIZED salt to a half a cup of warm water, dip a Qtip in it and swab the outside of your piercing to clean it.DO NOT use alcohol or peroxide solution, on your new piercing. Contrary to previous reports, the National Piercing Association has proved that using those products will dry out piercings and heal them improperly and can damage your body.

Should you clean your lip piercings with alcohol?

Nope. That makes them raw and delays healing. Use warm water and sea salt to clean the outside. For the inside, rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash.

Where can you buy Benzalkonium Chloride?

This chemical is commonly given (sold) to you after ear (and other) piercings. I just used to use plain rubbing alcohol, but apparently that's no good anymore. Not sure why, don't know if it's a ligitimate thing, or if it's just to sell their product. (Is it really better than any other antiseptic for piercings??? But anyway, that's where you can buy it!

Who has the most piercings?

Well, the woman with the most piercings is Elaine Davidson, she has 720 piercings! :)

Is there any type treatment to treat lip piercings?

when i got my lip pierced, my cousin (he did my piercing) gave me nonalcoholic mouthwash mixed with sea salt and after that, i just cleaned both sides with salt water, it healed in less than a week!(:

What are back piercings called?

Back piercings.

What are piercings in your cheeks called?

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it means you like piercings

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Depends on WHY and where they are getting the piercings.

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You are under age.You have poor personal hygiene.You are not intelligent enough to look after piercings.You are happy without piercings.You are too scared to get piercings.You don't have the cash to afford professional body piercings.You have a job that won't allow visible piercings.You don't like body piercings.You don't understand body piercing nor do you want to understand them.You are happy with where you are at, and piercings won't make you happier.

What are spider bite piercings?

Spider bite piercings are two piercings close together on one side of your mouth.

How can body piercings help your child be responsibly?

They will have to take care of the piercings as they will have to keep the piercings clean and free of infection.

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