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Is it okay to want to be a girl on Halloween?

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Yes it is.

2010-08-14 20:26:37
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Q: Is it okay to want to be a girl on Halloween?
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Should a boy dress up as a girl for Halloween?

It would be perfectly okay if they did.

Im a boy and you want to be a girl for Halloween?


Can a boy dress like a girl on Halloween?

sure they can if they really want to dress up like a girl on Halloween night, if you will let your son he will. My son wants to dress up like a girl for Halloween so i will let him do it

Is it okay to want to every girl you see?

yes it is my friend

Is it normal that im a girl and want to be a werewolf for Halloween?

Yes, it's normal. There would have to be girl werewolves too.

What do you do if your mother wants you to dress as a girl for Halloween?

Do you want to dress as a girl for Halloween? If you do, then go along with it. You will fel stupid if you don't do a good job. Tell your Mom you love her idea but want to look decent and be trained to carry it off.

What To say Emotional if a guy ask do you really want to be my girl?

Tell him okay

Who is the girl in Halloween 2 remake?

Scout Taylor-Compton is the girl who played Laurie Strode in the Halloween and Halloween 2 remakes.

How can you tell that a girl wants you to finger them?

Just, after making out, bring up sex and if she feels okay about, do whatever you want to her to increase her and your pleasure. I she is okay about sex, she will always want you to finger her

How do you dress a boy as girl for Halloween?

you should buy a wig for them and buy a girl Halloween costume for them.

Is it okay if a girl can't do splits?

Yes unless you want to be a gymnast. the majority can't.

Is it okay to dress up as Hitler for Halloween and is it punishable by death?


Why do you have to do Halloween on night time why not during the day?

because Halloween will not be fun if it is not at night time okay dumb person

What should a 9 year old girl be for Halloween?

A Cheerleader or a famous singer is what a girl could be for Halloween.

How can I be a girl for Halloween this year like what do I wear?

Ok sorry to burst your bubble but if you want to be a girl for Halloween don't. It is just stupid to be a girl when you are a guy. You will look stupid. I am not trying to be mean but this is the truth and it is hard for me to know that people are out there making freaks out of themselves. So be a devil or something just not a girl!!!!!!!

What if a guy says okay if you want?

I think that it means that the guy is trying to please the girl, and it doesn't really matter as much to him as is does to make her happy. In other words, if that's what you want, then it's okay by him.

Will a girl like you if they see you give a wedgie?

Okay seriously? How old are you? Girls want to be respected, and want to be with at least a somewhat mature guy. If this is how you think you will get a girl, you are sadly wrong.

Where can I find a Halloween costume for a girl?

You can find a halloween costume for a girl just about anywhere a few places to look would be walmart, miejer, walgreens or halloween express.

Does billy and that little girl get killed in Halloween 5?

Neither of them die. Jamie (the little girl) dies in Halloween 6.

Dress as girl Halloween?

Yeah. But only when I'm not playing a guy for halloween.

Is it okay if your son whats to dress up like a princess for halloween?

It is NEVER okay for your son to dress up like a princess for halloween. He will be ridiculed for all the day of his life. GIRLS were those outfits, NOT boys.

Why is it okay for a girl to dress like boy but not okay for a boy to dress like a girl?

its society

Is it possible to be a dead mime for Halloween?

It's possible.......I guess if your parents are Okay with it.

Is it true if a girl wants to see or dream of her future husband on Halloween night she must do what?

if a girl wants to see or dream of her future husband on Halloween night she must do what?In: Halloween [Edit categories]

Where can someone purchase a Halloween School Girl outfit?

You can purchase a Halloween School Girl outfit on various Halloween websites. An agent will be happy to direct you to the correct area so that you can buy one.