Is it okay to wear thongs at 14?

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Sure, as long as you are okay with it. Some people start wearing thongs at 11, 12, 13 and twelve and im wearing them

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Q: Is it okay to wear thongs at 14?
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Im a boy and like wear thongs?

its okay to like thong its natural for men and boys to wear thongs

How can a 14 year old get womens thongs?

Dont wear them, what are you thinking 'Yes if i wear thongs at 14 ill get guys'. If u want them nick them from your mums draw

Does Vanessa Hudgens wear thongs?

yes vanessa does wear thongs yes vanessa does wear thongs

Does rebecca black wear thongs?

No she is somebody who does not wear thongs

Is it okay for boys to wear thongs?

Why not, obviously your looking for a parents perspective but im 16 and I wear thongs. They are ok to wear it is just no the best thing to go bragging about, society belives that men in thongs equal homosexuality, which it has nothing to do with that, so wear them at your disclosure. I think they are the sexiest, most comfortable piece of underwear a man could ever wear.

Is it ok for a 14 year old boy to wear thongs?

it is fine for a14 year old boy to wear girls thongs i wear girls thongs and im not gay i just like how they feel i see why girls like wear them very nice to wear they don't ride up you don't know your even wearing one so in my opinion its fine as long as you don't over do it like wear bras and dresses if your doing that its not okay and belive it or not some girls find that hot

Does Martina Mcbride wear thongs?

No she doesn't wear thongs or panties at all.

Is it okay to wear jeans and a regular shirt to court if your 14?

Yes. It is okay to wear Jeans and a regular shirt to court even if you are 14.

Does Fergie wear thongs?

She does wear thongs - Sometimes in music videos and sometimes on the beach.

Does Christina Aguilera wear thongs?

Well, there are photos of Christina wearing thongs so yes, I guess she still wear thongs.

Does Debby Ryan wear thongs or g strings?


If you like to wear thongs are you gay?

No, especially not if you're a girl and you like to wear thongs, lol.

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