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Either phrase can be correct, as long as the rest of the sentence agrees with it; e.g. '(have/had) the pleasure of..' or 'take pleasure in..'.


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more inviting, the most inviting, very inviting

The pool looked cool and inviting in the summer heat. The invitation finally came inviting them to the party.

The word inviting has three syllables. (in-vit-ing)

That is the correct spelling of the verb form "inviting" (asking over, or the adjective tempting).

A fire in the fireplace makes the whole room feel warm and inviting. Are you inviting all of the kindergartners to your birthday party? The secretaries make the waiting room cheerful and inviting by bringing in fresh flowers every week. As soon as we strung the holiday lights, our home felt cozy and inviting despite the cold temperatures. If you bring that toy to school, you are simply inviting trouble. She has an annoying habit of inviting herself to all of the neighborhood get-togethers. It's amazing how a fresh paint job and new drapes can make our once drab living room bright and inviting. The principal insisted that the hallways of our school be brightly decorated and inviting when the parents came for conferences.

It depends on who is doing the inviting. If one person is inviting the guests, then use "invites." On the other hand, if two or more people are inviting the guests, then use "invite."

Inviting is the present participle of invite. The past tense and past participle of invite is invited.

What is pleasure in lying? Work gives pleasure to some people.

You must have duty before pleasure because pleasure is not to be rushed

Asking someone out to know them better and inviting them in to know them better is the same; it is the motivation of your act.

Depending on what kind of pleasure, are u asking about sexual pleasure?

he and she gets pleasure pleasure ... pleasure

''It is a pleasure to be here," said Johnny.The pleasure of your company is lovely.Her dance brought great pleasure to all members of the audience.''It is a pleasure to be here.'' said jonny

Shopping is a pleasure for girls.

with pleasure / my pleasure

The verb form of pleasure is please. As in "to please someone or oneself".

Horses that are rode for pleasure are just that, Pleasure horses. This is not to be confused with English or Western pleasure show horses, they are two different things.

It means that the pleasure wasn't so pleasant or genuine. Or may be the pleasure went beyond the limits of a normal feeling of pleasure.

inviting and safe - where you return to

Tableegh is inviting anyone for anything

inviting goddess laxmi

Victory, agreement, decision, answer...

Biting Fighting Inviting

The noun pleasure is an abstract noun. The noun pleasure is a word for an emotion or feeling.

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