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Q: Is it posable to get a student loan for being a scientologist?
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Is your student loan forgiven after 25 years?

The short answer is no. After 25 years and you still have a student loan, your student loan turns into a living being. This living being then becomes your step-dad. Then, after your 50th birthday, the student loan eats your mom and you, and you become another student loan, destined to be put on someone.

Where is the best student loan calculator? and have been sited as being the best student loan calculators.

The student loan settlement student loan settlement student loan settlement student loan settlement student loan settlement student loan settlement.?

There are many places to research student loan settlement. You can look at various places on the web or at many banks. Looking for loan settlements can be difficult start by checking

What does a student loan in forbearance mean?

It means that there are no active efforts being taken to collect the loan.

What is the different between a parent loan and a student loan?

Parent Loan: A parent is getting the loan Student loan: A student is getting the loan

Where could I get a student loan?

I need a student loan. Where is a list of places to acquire a student loan?

What are the release dates for Being Social - 2013 The Student Loan Crisis 1-3?

Being Social - 2013 The Student Loan Crisis 1-3 was released on: USA: 17 May 2013

What is a student loan?

what is a student loan grant?

If your wages are being garnished for student loan will the IRS take your taxes?

Presuming it's a Gov't loan and garnishment...yes.

what is a student loan grant?

what is a student loan grant?

Where can a student get information on alternative loan consolidation?

Student can get information on alternative loan consolidation by going to the student loan office. They usually provide any kind of loan information if student ask for it.

What is student loan forgiveness?

Student Loan Forgiveness is when a student can't pay a loan that he owes and so the government has money to pay for that loan if he/she is unable to make the payments on it.

What are the advantages of a Standard student loan?

What is a "Standard" student loan?

Can the cosigner of a student loan be removed from the loan after the student finishes college and has a job and the ability to repay on his own?

No, a co-signer is legally and equally obligated until the loan is paid in full or until the loan is refinanced w/o the original co-signer being a party to the action.

Can you get a loan if you are a co signer for a student loan?

If you have a good enough income to qualify since the student loan is considered your loan.

Where can I find information about student loan rates?

Student loan rates vary by the type of student loan, but can be either fixed or variable rate. Most federal student loans are fixed at 6.8% Private student loan rates are typically higher.

Where can I find an accurate calculator for student loans?

The student loan payment calculator is very on point student loan calculator Topic: student loan calculator and accurate. You will be able to see how much you can get on your loan and how long you can keep it.

What is meant by student loan bankruptcy?

Student loan bankruptcy happens when a student has not been a student for the last 7 years and declares bankruptcy. For more information please contact a student loan office.

Can your private pension be garnished for a defaulted student loan?

I am a Federal Student loan expert and I have never heard of a private pension being garnished for defaulted student loans, so I would say no. If you need help getting out of default on your student loans, click on my profile, StudentLoaner, below.

What is the average debt of a student loan?

Not sure of average individual student loan, but the average student with student loans has $28,000.

Can you sill get a student loan if your in deferment on another student loan?


Can you get a student loan if one of your parents is in default on their student loan?


How to find out if my taxes are being help for student loans?

Contact your loan servicer or your guarantor.

Is a student loan valid if the person whose name it was put in was actually the cosigner and not the student?

The parent borrower of a PLUS loan sometimes thinks they are the cosigner, when they are actually the non-student borrower. This misconception would not exist if they had actually read the loan agreement, and they are still severally liable for the keeping their part of the contract.Being the student or not being the student does not necessarily determine whether or not you're a "cosigner" or a borrower, you need to read and understand what you're signing.

Can an employer co-sign for a student loan?

Yes, an employer can cosign for a student loan. Any one can cosign for a student loan if they meet the requirements.