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Yes. However the chances that it will look exactly like human life are slim, but the chances of there being a planet with beings living there of human-level intellect are quite high. This is mainly because the Universe is so very big, and the basic molecules (e.g. amino acids) required for life have been discovered in many galaxies.

Life is probably quite abundant. However it is very difficult to check for life on distant planets; mostly because the planets are very far away and don't radiate much light. Most life searches therefore look for life indirectly by checking if a planet is close enough to a star to have liquid water, but not too close so it will evaporate immediately

They also look for traces of oxygen in the planet's atmosphere. This is because oxygen on its own will deplete quite quickly without a constant supply because oxygen reacts very efficiently with other chemicals. Therefore any planet having much oxygen has to have some kind of mechanism for producing it; like life. 99.9% of the Earth's oxygen is produced by life.

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Q: Is it possible far in the galaxy there could be another planet like planet earth with human life on it?
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Not as far as we know. There could be another planet with oxegen, but it must be is another solar system, or galaxy.

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yes! because the human race is the most smartest race with in the galaxy and we have the best tech around the galaxy.

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Yes. There are places on Mars and inside the moons of Jupiter where bacterial life from Earth could survive.

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Milky way could be a name of our we knew galaxy have had millions of there could be a new planet could exist

Could a life sustaining desert planet be possible?


What is the twin star theory?

The twin star theory is that there may be another star similar to the star we call "the sun" that could possibly make life on another planet possible.

Could a black hole from another galaxy possibly be causing this galaxy to expand?

No. It simply doesn't work that way.

Is the everything possible?

YES example: somebody could discover a planet

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Depends... if we manage to create the right technology to travel 20 light years to our nearest 'Goldilocks' planet, then yes its possible and i hope that does happen during our life on another planet would be so awesome :D

Is there a planet like earth in another galaxy?

yes there is 20 light years away. it is called Gliese 581g. this planet has land and water and it has the perfect things to create life. This planet is the perfect distance away from its sun for water in liquid form not too hot or cold. There are 7 planets in this solar system but gliese 581g is the only planet identical to ours found by scientists in 2007. This planet had 2 moons and an oxygen atmosphere for life to have evolved. this planet is in our home galaxy the milky way and is the second possible life formed planet besides our own Earth can we go there? N0,because no spacecraft could go there but maybe in the far future

How large can a terrestrial planet get?

Since we can't explore the galaxy, the sizes could be almost limitless. but I would doubt the planet could get bigger than the star it orbits which would be realistically impossible.

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What is the planet with the most creatures on it?

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Why is keplar 22b important?

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