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She is not allowed to decide this until she is 18yo. Her parents decide.

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Is it possible for a girl to be a werewolf?

Yes. It is very possible for a girl to be a werewolf. :)

Is it possible to transfer a boy to girl?

Yes, it is possible to transfer a boy to girl.

How do you make a girl tall and fat?

You can't make a girl tall, but fat is possible. Keep the house full of fattening food, and keep family events sedentary. Also, make big meals.

What actors and actresses appeared in Bakeneko Toruko furo - 1975?

The cast of Bakeneko Toruko furo - 1975 includes: Misa Aoyama as Midori (Bath-house Girl) Yuriko Azuma as Mari (Bath-house Girl) Kinue Futamatsu as Hanae (Bath-house Girl) Tooru Hanada as Karasawa Rina Hayakawa as Suzuyo (Bath-house Girl) Emi Jo as Yasue (Bath-house Girl) Miwako Onaya as Kuniko (Bath-house Girl) Rimiko Sawa as Michi (Bath-house Girl) Teruo Shimizu as Amano Sonoko Suma as Rie (Bath-house Girl) Naomi Tani as Yukino (Bath-house Girl) Yumiko Tateno as Reiko (Bath-house Girl) Shingo Yamashiro as Young Master

How do you go out with a by sexual girl when your a guy?

its possible but if she is a lesbian then not possible

Who was the girl in the backseat of Otters car in Animal House?

The girl was making out with Otter in the back of his car. She was a sorority girl from the movie "Animal House".

You are Hindu and want to get marry with pakistaani girl is this possible?

you are Hindu from India who want to get marry ith a pakistaani girl. is this possible ?

How do you get a girl to your house?

i have never really got a girl to my house but my big brother got 50 girls in 1 year.and all the girls came into my room.So that's as close as i got a girl in my house

How do you get a girl to lick your butt?

Its very hard to do if the girl is not a kinky as you but its possible

You are Indian boy but you want to marreh a Pakistani girl it is possible or not?

i am Indian boy but i want to marreh a Pakistani girl it is possible or not?

Is it possible for a straight teenager girl to turn lesbian and not know until you become attracted to another girl?

no, it is not possible to "turn" lesbian. It is possible though to be lesbian and not realize it later.

What is the Luhya translation of house girl?

The Luhya translation of the English compound noun "house girl" is "Omukhana wa munyumba".

Is it possible to be half boy and half girl?

yes it is possible they are called Shemales.

Is food poisoning possible if a girl swallows sperm?

No. No it is not possible for a girl to get food poisoning from swallowing sperm Yes. Yes it is possible to get food poisoning because swallowing sperm will not counteract it.

How do you get inside of cj's house on poptropica?

ask the boy and next ask the girl and beside the girl is cj's house and click the door and there :)

Where is the girl in the haunted house on poptropica?

there is no girl. haunted house gets you to get the things for a party after you beat haunted house. there is nothingto be afraid of haunted house. those are just decorations to get you in the mood for party afterward i guess.

Is it possible to like a girl and stand near her but be too nervous to stand next to her?

yes very possible it is also possible to stand next to a guy (if you are a girl or gay) and be too nervouse to talk to him

Boy aged 29yr and girl aged 13yr sex is possible or not?

it's possible, super illegal but possible.

How turn into a girl with a spell?

There is no possible way to do such.

Is it possible to be a boy and a girl?

Yes, it is possible to be a boy and a girl.People who are gender fluid or twin souls for example.

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