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No he wont change. But there are alot of women who think these losers will.

I have yet to see someone stop using crack after they did it twice. Abortion should not be ruled out if you care about the baby.

AnswerThanks..but he claims only doing it once in awhile...and in the time that we were living together (2yrs) he barely worked, he drank and would do some drugs but claims that now that he will be a dad from anothe woman (has 2 other kids and left behind in Mexico to be here partying and meeting another guy and got pregnant) that he is for sure going to it possible? Answerfool my once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. if he did this to a woman once, and you think theres a good chance of him doing it to you, that should make you wonder why do u suspect him? this also depends on the person, the internet doesnt know him as well as you do, so you are really the one that would make the best decision for yourself. just stay with him and if you are still suspecting his actions for over 3 months, give him an ultimatum if it really needs to result in that and if he doesnt stop what he should not be doing when he is with you, then leave him for sure because that must mean you don't mean that much to him. it doesnt and should take 3 months to figure out love. it should be obvious by then. otherwise its just not worth it to struggle to figure out what is best for you. the results wont be worth the wait. AnswerI don't agree with any of the answers thus far, but I'm not deleting them, because it's good seeing different point of views. Unfortunately there is still a great deal of naivety among general society about the ILLNESS of addiction and Alcoholism. I'm 2 days out of rehab and I spent 2 months there, so I learned quite a bit about the illness of addiction. (it's classified as an illness by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION) There is now years of research on addiction and it's widely acknowledged that 12.5% of any group of people, no matter what race or country you come from, are addicts/alcoholics. And the doctors and psychiatrists are in agreement that there is only one drug that gets you physically hooked and that is methamphetamine (tik). When the US soldiers came back from Vietnam they found that 60% of the troops were doing heroine. Doctors watched the situation very carefully to determine whether it's the drug that's the problem or does the problem lie with the individual. And guess what? 12.5% of the users could not stop on their own. The other 87.5% of the users stopped all by themselves without going to a rehab clinic.

Book him into rehab and see what happens. If he follows the 12 step program, you'll see a different person, really. The compare this illness with Diabetes. You have to make radical changes in your life to be able to live a 'normal' life. He will have this illness for the rest of his life.

Recovery = abstinence + CHANGE.

Abstinence is the easy part, it's the change that gets to you. And if he goes to a decent program and accepts the illness, you will learn to respect and trust him. You will learn that addicts in recovery are actually the people who are willing to throw their whole life upside down and change radically to accommodate the disease. How many diabetics do you know that actually stick with their eating and exercising regimes? But the most important thing is to get him into a rehab facility as soon as possible, because if he tells you that he can do it on his own and just quit then you give him an ultimatum. Rehab or the door!

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Q: Is it possible for a 32-year-old man that has a history of taking alcohol crack and cocaine and has past bad relationship problems change for the better with a woman he recently met and got pregnant?
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