Is it possible for a 41 year old woman to regrow a hymen if she has not had any sexual relationship for the past 13 years following childbirth?

No, the hymen does not regrow. However, a long abstinence from sex may make it feel like you are having sex for the first time again. Take it slow, lots of foreplay will help with natural lubication or you can puchase artificial lubricant in the drug store. It may also be hard to relax if you have not had sex for some time, trusting your partner and having a patient, esxperienced partner will help. If he is unusually large, that will also make it more difficult to become sexually active again. Most women don't begin having menopausal symptoms until later in life but it can happen at your age, this can cause vaginal dryness and pain with intercouse, along with hot-flashes, mood swings and decreased libido. If this is a possiblity, estrogen vaginal cream can correct this. In rare instances, you may need to slowly dilate the vagina, starting with small round lubricated instuments such as a candle, and progress to larger objects as tolerated, until you can tolerate an object the size of a penis.