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All attorneys have to licensed in the state in which they practice. That being said, there are not laws which prevent a person with a felony conviction from becoming any type of private attorney. It will be more difficult for the person to be accepted into law school, and the person must reveal the felony conviction on the application and the application to the state bar as well. Some of the factors in making the decision of allowing the person entrance are: The seriousness of the crime committed; the age of the person when the crime was committed; whether there have been any other problems in connection with the law; the current "moral standing" of the person in society in the general sense, and so on and so forth.

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Q: Is it possible for a convicted felon to become a licensed defense attorney?
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What is the role of defense attorney?

To offer the best possible defense of his client.

Is it possible to become a licensed defense attorney by passing the bar without college?

No. You need the degrees and the college. You have to have a 4 year degree, take the LSAT, and enroll in a law school.

Can defense attorney be called as a witness?

Yes. But, the defense attorney would have to remove him/her self as the defense attorney

Definition of a defense attorney?

A defense attorney is an attorney that defends your position in court. Generally, a defense attorney represents people accused of a crime.

What is the duration of Attorney for the Defense?

The duration of Attorney for the Defense is 1.17 hours.

When was Attorney for the Defense created?

Attorney for the Defense was created on 1932-05-21.

Should the defense attorney cooperate with a prosecutor if it means their client will go to jail?

If the client is guilty then the defence attorney should get the least sentence possible

Are defense lawyer and defense attorney same?

Yes. Attorney is another name for a lawyer.

Your interrogation has been loosed by the cops will it matter for your upcoming case?

It will make it easier for the defense attorney to tear apart the cops testimony. You can still be convicted, though.

Do you capitalize Defense Attorney?

You do not capitalize Defense Attorney unless you're referring to a specific person.

The role of a defense attorney includes?

The role of a defense attorney is to represent the accused. The defense attorney prepares the case, argues the charges and presents evidence to show reasonable doubt.

How do you turn yourself in for crimes you did not commit?

Whether you claim innocence or not, if you know you are wanted, you should contact an attorney for advice and possible representation, and to prevent any possible nasty and unneecessary confrontations with the police surrender yourself to law enforcement. Your attorney will represent you in your defense defense against the allegations.

What services does a DWI defense attorney typically provide?

There is no such thing as a DWI defense attorney, if you meant a DUI defense attorney, then the services provided are those of defending someone who has received a DUI.

What happens when a defense attorney knows the defendant is guilty?

What the defense attorney knows about the defendant's guilt is not pertinent. He has a duty to make the presecution prove all aspects of the case. The US Legal system is based on this concept. Without it, the burden of proof will no longer be required and innocent people might be indicted and convicted.

Does a defense attorney have to turn over evidence to the prosecution?

Every practicing attorney is "An Officer of The Court" but - that being said - they are bound by the ethics of their profession to give the best defense of their client that is possible. If the defense believes that it may become known that they are in possession of knowledge of evidence pertinent to the offense, they probably would.

When does the Defense Attorney come into court?

The defense attorney enters the case as early as he/she possibly can, usually right after the arraignment.

Criminal Defense Attorney?

form_title=Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney form_header=Look around for a criminal defense attorney in your area. What services do you need?=_ What are you currently being charged with?=_ Do you have any prior felonies?= () Yes () No

How many years of law school do you need to be a criminal defense lawyer?

You have to be a licensed attorney to be a criminal defense lawyer. That requires passing the bar exam and that normally requires a law degree. Full time it takes 3 years to get a degree.

What are the release dates for The Attorney for the Defense - 1913?

The Attorney for the Defense - 1913 was released on: USA: 18 June 1913

What are the release dates for The Attorney for the Defense - 1915?

The Attorney for the Defense - 1915 was released on: USA: 27 January 1915

What do you call a defense attorney that is on staff for a particular jurisdiction?

Public attorney

What is maverick defense attorney?

A maverick defense attorney is an attorney who defends people accused of a crime. A maverick often uses unorthodox methods to convince the jury of the innocence of his or her client.

Where can one find a juvenile defense attorney in Houston?

One can find a juvenile defense attorney in Houston, Texas from numerous places. Houston Juvenile Attorney and Avvo allow one to find a juvenile defense attorney. One can also check local law firms in Houston.

What does a defense attorney do in a court case?

The defense attorney tries to get the defendant not guilty. The prosecutor is the opposite. They also plead for a lighter sentence from the judge.

What is the sentence for someone who committed aggravated assault in self defense?

If they were convicted, than that means that the claim of self defense was not believed. However, the judge may take the convicted's belief that it was self defense into account at the sentencing. Consult with a local attorney. The laws on such sentences - and what counts as mitigating factors - vary from state to state.