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Is it possible for a fiberglass pool to shed fibers and make swimmers itchy?

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I would suspect a too-high chlorine content first. Yes, it is possible, BUT it WILL NOT HAPPEN "INVISIBLY." IF this is happening, you should be able to see where the smooth/slick "GEL COAT" surface has failed, exposinging the glass fiber matting. IF there is no failure of the gel coat, then that is NOT the source of irritant causing the itching. On the other hand, I have seen some pool Plumbing pipes [from the "old" days] which used a resin impregnated glass fiber mat. I also have seen some "chopper" laidup glass pipe used in pool plumbing. These could be a source, IF glass fiber is the problem. I think that a sample of pool water taken to a local environmental health laboratory, could be analyzed visually, using high power microscopy, which should reveal the presense of glass fibers. However, BEFORE trying this option, I would check out Answer 1's suggestion regarding "too high chlorine content." Answer 1 points out that too much chlorine could cause the symptoms described in the question. Depending on method of chlorination, too much chlorine could cause a very low pH [acedic], in effect hydrochloric ACID. This condition could allow "burning" of the microscopic nerve endings, which could be percieved as "itching." You should routinely, regularly, and often test the pool water chemistry. What we're discussing would show up as very high pH and/or free chlorine levels. Hope this is some help. Good luck. A: I would go a step further than the above answers and state that both the pH and total alkalinity are not in line with standards. Chlorine readings of 10 ppm should not cause itching. And unless the fiberglass pool is old and needs resurfacing or by chance has been left empty and exposed to the sun for any length of time --- this could very well be a source of your itching BUT DOUBTFUL. The gurss here that neglect would be the root of the problem k

2008-06-29 19:28:03
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