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If a guy has liked a woman for a year and a half, and not made a move to progress the situation, odds are he doesn't want more than just a friendship. When a man has feelings for a woman, he wants to AT LEAST date her - take her out to dinner, a movie, etc. Men don't overthink and analyze their feelings the way women do.

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Who win the argument?

woman. They will always win. That is life except it or you will never have a promise relationship.

Is miley cryus a lesbien?

no she is not. she is completely straight. Miley has never liked a woman in her life and does not plan on liking girls either.

Is it possible for a woman to get syphilis from a woman?

It is possible for a woman to get syphilis from a woman.

Is Adam Lambert looking for a woman?

A: He is NOT looking for a woman and never has been. He dates only men, but is not committed to any relationship at this time, 6/09.

Is it possible for a woman to produce breast milk 6 years after it has dried up?

i never tried

What are facts about tchaikovsky?

He was a closet homosexual. He also had an odd relationship by letter with a woman he never met for years and years.

What does Set Fire to the Rain mean?

The Song by Adele. It was telling a story of a woman who loved a man but the man kinda liked her. Turns out the man she liked was bisexual meaning he liked men and women. "There's a side to you that I never knew never knew" That means she found that he was bi. "All the things you said they were never true never true." That means whenever she asked him where he was, he lied. So yeah that is the meaning of Set Fire To the Rain by Adele.

What should a gentleman never do?

a gentleman should never ever ever kiss another woman or cheat on you when ur in a relationship understood guys ? Gentleman can't do any work which can heart any one by him. Answer A gentleman should never raise his hand to a woman.

Is Jared Leto bisexul?

No, They have asked him if he is bisexual in an interview and he said, and I quote "Never, I am happily in a relationship with a gorgeous woman"!! :) LUCKILY...

Did uesugi kenshin ever have a relationship with a woman?

Not entirely sure, he never had any sons (legitimate or otherwise). Theres also the little known theory that Kenshin was actually a woman.

How do you get a woman out of a bad relationship?

how do you get a woman out fo a bad relationship ? you don't when a woman get's upset sick and tired that's when she will wake up and relieve herself from her bad relationship.

What is the significant man-woman relationship which the author is trying to communicate?

The significant part of a man-women relationship is quite simple. Both parties clash well. The man makes a mess, the woman picks it up, the woman wants to but something, the man has the wallet. in the long most relationships end in tragety, but that is life, it has its ups and its down. If i were you, i would never get in a MAN-WOMAN relationship, but other relationships are ok

Why would a man in his early 40s who has never been married run from a relationship with a woman who genuinely likes him when he initially pursued her first and is admittedly attracted to her?

Fear of being in a committed relationship(?)

Lady Gaga was never a man was she?

No, has never been a man, will never be one. She was born a woman, is a woman, will always be a woman.

Can a Capricorn woman and a Leo woman relationship be good?


Why a man already in a relationship care for another woman?

If a man feels that he is missing something from his current relationship, it is possible that he will come to care for another woman. Whether it's missing something major, such as affection or appreciation, or he's just simply bored or feeling restless, he may develop feelings for another woman.

Can a girl get stuck to a dog?

It depends on the woman and depends on the dog. If it's a big dog and a small woman (especially one who has never had children) then yes it is very possible.

Did Jesus have any relationship with a woman?

Jesus did not have relationship with a woman, but he had relationship with women - mother Mary, the sick women that Jesus healed. Jesus and those women have strong relationship.

Is it possible for a woman in a long-term relationship to be in love and then suddenly not be in love?

Yes. Her condition prior to your realization was likely "lust" not love.

Did wonder woman have a relationship?

Yes, Diana Prince (wonder woman) had a relationship with her boss Steve Trevor the pilot.

What is the name of the woman Dave liked from Alvin and the chipmunks?


What was Galileo galilei's wife's name?

Galileo Galilei never married but was in a stable relationship with a woman named Marina Gamba for twelve years.

What does the ring symbolize in marriage?

A ring is shaped as a circle that never ends. When a man and a woman get married than they promise to have a forever lasting relationship.

When does eliza doolittle realize that she is more or less a thing rather than a professor in My Fair Lady?

Eliza never thought that she was a professor, but she would have liked to have been treated as a woman.

If you are in a serious relationship with a woman and you threaten to break up with her because she never wants to have sex why would she suddenly start cheating on you?

From what you say it seems she's worked out that the relationship won't last much longer.