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Yes, its possible as long as the two of you are in agreement that you want to take the relationship to the next level. You cant force them and shouldn't try to convince them, it should happen naturally. Be prepared if he doesnt feel the same way.

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What do you do if a friend wants to be your girlfriend?

Well if u like her go out with her if you dont just tell youre just friends

How do you know you do like him or do you want to just be friends How do you know?

How you know is if that you have really big feelings for that person you like him, but if you like him/her as a friend then youre just meant to be friends. -Chicygirl

What do you do when you like a girl and so does your friend and you're all friends?

Talk to your friend about it more> Let youre feelings be known, and let the girl make her decision, Just like in A normal situation. Then, if youre friend is not up for that, then he needs to grow up some.

What if your friends tell you your guy friend likes you but you just don't see it is it possible that he might like me if everyone but me can see it?

just listen to your friends. if they are good friends they will tell the truth!!

If your best friend is friends with your ex girlfriend should you be friends with them?

You can still be friends with your friend, but just try to remember to not get to close to your ex, and remember that your ex may be trying to make you jealous (it is possible that they aren't though). It is OK to be friends with an ex.

Is your friend with you?

It is possible for your friend to be your boyfriend or girlfriend if you have the nerve to ask he/she out(which i don't)if they say yes good if they say no try to be just friends. I hope i helped.

What song has the lyrics Oh baby you got what I need but you say youre just a friend you say youre just a friend?

[Other Guy:]It's called just a friend by Mario, the same guy who sang let me love you[Me:]One Its Say Your Just A Friend By Austin Mahone Two "The Guy Who Sang Let Me Love You" Is Not Mario It was By Neyo Moron...

Who will be a best friend?

your friend is important just be friends

What do you do if you want to just be friends with your best friend after dumping him?

To dump a best friend for reasons such as: meeting newer people you prefer to hang out with; you have no needs from your best friend and have left them behind or, you feel he is holding you back is a cruel and selfish thing to do and basically you aren't good enough to be his friend so leave the poor guy alone. You can't go from best friends to just friends. It is possible to date someone you love, fall out of love with him and just be friends.

Is it possible to be in love with your best friend that is a guy?

yes, it is possible. There is obviously something about them you like, and that's why you even became friends in the first place. If you think you like them as more than just friends, go for it!

How do you kiss your boyfriend when his friends are in the room?

just go up and kiss him youre a girl youre independent strong and alive make the most of it!

Is it against the law if youre 15 and youre talking to an 18 year old as friends youre not threatening them youre not dating them and youre not being sexual with them you are just talking?

No, of course not. Unless there is some specific legal bar to communications, you can talk to anyone you choose.

Is it ok for two good friends boy and girl to finger?

yeah, but its a little bit weird if youre just friends

How do you ask a guy out if youre not sure he likes you?

Have friend find out if he likes you. If so, just ask.

What if your friends keep telling you that your guy friend likes you but you just don't see it is it possible that I'm just that oblivious?

yeah, im in the same situation. you probably are mssing all of the signs becasue he is your friend, you have to figure out to, can you see him as more than a friend.

What do you do when you cant be friends anymore to your old friends?

just dont be her/his friend

Can you have a girl best friend and a boy best friend at the same time peacefully?

I hate to break it to you but it's not only perfectly possible to have many different gendered best friends, but also perfectly possible to have as many or a as few best friends as you like. It's just a label for the people closest to you.

What do you do when your boyfriend is immature? should NOT talk to him about it cause that would be wierd. you should talk to a friend about it, and have youre friend talk to him for you, or just dump him

She just wants to be friends?

So be her friend.

If your having a fight with your tight friend but your not friends anymore?

Get new friends and if you just want her to be your friend again then get a cooler friend and make her jealous

Is it possible that a girl that is your friend just like to play around with you a lot?

She might not want to commit to a proper relationship, I guess your 'friends with benefits.'

Is it ok if you make out with a guy one of your friends like?

if you feel you need the boy's kiss more than your friend then take that chance. not saying you will lose the friend just know its possible

If you were friends then you stoped being friends because of your friend wanting to go out with you what do you do?

If you really liked them as a friend, just tell them the truth, that you only like them as a friend. And tell them you still want to be friends with them.

What does it mean when a guy asks to call a girl at 1AM and youre on the phone til 3AM and he says he likes you but youre just friends so i don't know if hes just kidding?

He is crazy about you.. Believe me :D

What if you like someone who your friends hate?

Just be nice to them, hey, it's a free world, nobody can force you not to be friends with that person. Just explain to your friends that theyre nice, and if they cant be convinced, then.... they dont get a friend. Pick: get a friend/ lose a friend