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Yes, a Dr. can tell if you are a virgin. Females have what you call a hymen, and if it is broken the Dr. knows that your not a virgin. During your first sexual experience, the hymen is broken, and that's why you bleed.

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Q: Is it possible for a gynecologist to tell if you are a virgin or not?
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Can the gynecologist tell if your a virgin or not?

Yes they can tell.

Can a gynecologist tell if you're a virgin or not?


Can a gynecologist tell your parents if you are a virgin or not in the state of New Mexico?

No, not unless you give your gynecologist permission.

Can a gynocologist know if you been fingered if your still a virgin?

There is no physical difference between a virgin and someone who has had sex, so a gynecologist cannot know if you're a virgin or if you've engaged in other sexual activity (you should always tell your gynecologist if you are sexually active). Being fingered is generally not considered to be sex, thus if you've only been fingered you would still be considered to be a virgin.

Can be a virgin when go see the gynecologist?


Can a gynecologist tell that you're a lesbian?

They can't tell from an exam. The only what they can tell is by asking you.

Can expressions tell that one is virgin?

It's difficult to tell whether one's a virgin from an expression but by constantly talking to someone you can tell whether she is not a virgin or it's easier to tell a non-virgin than a virgin.

How do you know if you can not have children?

Only a gynecologist can tell you that.

Will you gynecologist tell your parents you have an STD?

No, the you gynecologist won't tell your parents you have an STD due to the HIPAA just don't tell them you're parents name or last name or address or phone #

What if your crush asked you if your a virgin?

if the girl is freaky tell her u not a virgin but if she not a freak tell her you are a virgin

What Should a Virgin Do When It's Her First Time?

See her gynecologist OR Find a guy who's patient and gentle.

How do you know if a celebrity is a virgin?

You can't tell anyone is a virgin unless they tell you, celebrity or not.

How do you know if a guy has popped your cherry?

A gynecologist would be able to tell you if the hymen is ruptured.

How can you know if a woman is still a virgin?

With the exception of women you have had sex with, and women that have children, it is not possible to tell without an exam by a doctor (and not always possible then). And I have to ask- what would make this any of your business?

Can you tell a virgin by her nipples?

No you can not tell a virgin by just looking at her nipples, you must look at her hymen.

Can a gynecologist tell if you have had a baby?

Yes they can tell if you have ever given birth by the examination of the birth canal and internal tissue.

How can you tell if you are a pregnant virgin?

You cannot be a pregnant virgin

Is there a way to check if you are still a virgin?

in the cases of possible child molestation- a girl may not know whether or not she is a virgin. The only way to verify this is to go to a gynecologist. Above answer is incorrect and really, how are you defining virginity? If you are going by the "hymen" many girls either do not have an intact one, or they have torn it though gymnastics or horseback riding, really many activities other than sex. The real definition of virginity is that the moment the penis enters the vaginal canal you are no longer a virgin, even if it's just the very tip of the penis. A gynecologist isn't going to be able to confirm or deny and the so called virginity tests that they give in middle eastern countries are a bunch of bunk. If you want to know if someone is a virgin, the only thing you can do is ask.

Is there any way to tell if a girl is a virgin if her hymen was aready broken?

There is no way to tell if a girl a virgin or not.

If you have a 5 millimeter uterine lining is it possible to have a baby?

That is an issue that you should discuss with your gynecologist.

Is it possible to have bump on your vagina but you have never sex?

Yes - but if you are worried go and have it checked by a Gynecologist

How can you tell a guy im a virgin?

say im a virgin.

How do you know a girl is a virgin?

the only way to to tell if a girl is a virgin is to simply ask her if she is a virgin

How do you tell your boyfriend you are not a virgin?

Just tell him.

Can a woman know a guys virgin when he bleeds?

You need to see a doctor a guy doesn't bleed when he is a virgin. That would be something wrong. The only way she can tell if you are a virgin is if you tell her.