Is it possible for a human to only have one kidney as a birth defect?

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How can people survive with only one kidney?

Answer . The short story is that the remaining kidney is able to compensate for the lost kidney relatively rapidly. This occurs especially through hormonal changes that allow the remaining kidney to increase how much work it does. Kidney work is measured by a term called the glomerular filtra ( Full Answer )

If you have only one kidney and you get a kidney infection could the kidney infection be deadly?

Answer . Kidney infections, the most common being one called pyelonephritis, can lead to death if untreated. Yes, the risk increases in a patient with only one kidney. For this reason, you should see a doctor immediately if you have pain while urinating, notice blood in the urine, or have recentl ( Full Answer )

Can you get an army medical waiver if you only have one kidney?

i have the same problem, i am 12 and it has been my dream to join the military all my life, but my research is negative. if you find a certified answer please post another comment i am looking forward to find a right answer.

What happens if you only have one kidney?

One fully functioning kidney has the ability to clear all wastes from the body (that two kidneys would have), since healthy humans use only about 20-25% of their kidney capacity). Nothing, you will still function 100% fine. However, im not sure if it is still the same now, but you cant join the defe ( Full Answer )

Can you have a healthy pregnancy having only one kidney?

I am donating one of my kidneys to a cousin in September 2008. I am 26 years old and am not done having children. I currently have a beautiful 9 month old daughter and can't wait to give her siblings but my cousins health took a turn and surgery has been set. My future childrens lives can wait, he c ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to be gay for only one person?

Though no one else really seems to understand, I believe it is. I am a female and have never felt sexual feelings towards another female until I met my girlfriend. I am still attracted to males-very much so-but cannot deny what I feel for my girlfriend.

What are birth defects?

Birth defects are defined as abnormalities of structure, function,or body metabolism that are present at birth. Major birth defectsare abnormalities that lead to developmental or physicaldisabilities or require medical or surgical treatment. There aremore than 4,000 different known birth defects, ra ( Full Answer )

Can aperson survive with only one kidney?

Yes. Many people donate a kidney to friends or family members that have kidney failure. The donor then has one kidney and probably the recipient has one functioning kidney.

Can a person survive with only one kidney?

Yes. There are a lot of people that are living today with only one kidney. If someone needs a kidney transplant because both of theirs have gone bad they can receive one from a donor so long as they match. So the person that has the transplant has one and the person who donated a kidney has one. Som ( Full Answer )

How do you know if you only have one kidney?

There is no way to know if you have one kidney. One kidney caneasily do the job of two. Any urinary problems should be checked bya doctor to determine the cause.

If you only have one kidney can you take water pills and be okay?

If you only have one kidney, you should only take water pills underthe care of your doctor. Your kidney function will need to betested to make sure that your kidney is working at a strong enoughlevel to be able to handle the diuretic. The doctor will be able tochoose the right type for you.

Why should a person with only one kidney change their diet?

Kidneys clean blood, helps regulate blood pressure and fluid level in the body, also the developement of red blood cells. You need to limit and watch intake levels of certain things. One is sodium; it raises blood pressure and makes the body retain fluid. Two is potasium; it can effect pulse rate an ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to synthesize human kidney by biotechnology?

It is possible to regenerate (synthesize) kidneys if appropriate template is available. The procedure is called Tissue engineering wherein ,scientists try to grow the entire organ with the help of growth factors and stem cells. organogenesis as of now has only been a topic for research and no eviden ( Full Answer )

Is a premature birth a birth defect?

not really, there is a chance that the baby could have a defect but that can happen to even a baby that was born on time. Premature birth means that the baby was born early, therefore it is smaller than a normal baby and it may not becompletely developed. It all depends on how premature it is.

What happens if you have only one kidney?

As long as the kidney you have is functioning properly, it is possible to not even know you only have one. As anyone that has donated a kidney should be able to testify, if it were critical to have two, you would not be able to donate one while you are alive.

What is it called when you have only one kidney?

what is it called when you only have one kidney?. well i have something to say i was born with only one kidney and i still don't. know what is is called! Can someone please help me i need to know!.

Is unicorn uterus lady have only one kidney?

I have one kidney unicornuate uterus. I am trying to see if this is a birth defect or something that just happened. I am trying to find out because i am becoming severely sick and need some answers. anyone have anything at all please write me

How do you take care when you have only one kidney?

People with one kidney are capable of performing the normal functions of people having both kidneys. While it is possible for such individuals to live a normal and active life, it is important for them to make wise and healthy lifestyle choices. Poor dietary and lifestyle habits can overwork a singl ( Full Answer )

Why is it possible to have only one kidney?

The body needs to purge the "impurities" it obtains by way of consumption of liquid and food. By doing this the kidneys through diffusion of certain substances, mainly salt or NaCl, diffuses things that the body does not need out of the kidneys and into the urine for expulsion from the body. Now pen ( Full Answer )

Can you donate blood if you only have one functioning kidney?

Yes. Potential donors with a single kidney are eligible as volunteer blood doors as long as there is no renal dysfunction in the remaining kidney. If the kidney was removed for malignancy, you may be temporarily deferred for 1-5 years after completion of therapy. Please contact the medical director ( Full Answer )

Can you drink alcohol or beer if you only have one kidney?

Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that it causes dehydration. The liquid in beer is not, by itself, sufficient to replace the water that alcohol removes from your system. Drinking large amounts always results in dehydration, which is one of the major factors in hangovers. As you are no doubt aware, pe ( Full Answer )

How the mental state of a person who has only one kidney?

The presence of only one kidney should not change the mental status of a person, unless they have progressed to renal failure. In that case their kidney doesn't work and toxins are building up in the blood. In end stage renal failure, the person needs to be on dialysis.

Why are some babies born with only one kidney?

Humans are very complicated biological machines. Sometimes we'renot entirely correct put together when we're born. Sometimes,science can figure out what's happened, sometimes no one can say.

How much life a person have when he has only one kidney?

As long as they mind their diet and follow doctor's orders, they should be OK barring injury to the healthy kidney. Women with one kidney can have children , but it's not recommended, and is considered a high-risk pregnancy. It can be managed, but you need close observation and strict adherence to d ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to have only one toe?

If you had a Physical Defect at birth then maybe, but the only other way to do that is if they've been cut off or amputated cause of Frostbite

Are you more likely to get a kidney stone with only one kidney?

No, but u have to take the same precautions as you would if you had both. Some precautions are drinking plenty of water, don't over do it on salt , lemon and cranberry juice. I used to have to get them surgically removed until my mother who is a doctor of oriental medicine found herbs that break the ( Full Answer )

Why can a person live with only one kidney?

Yes they can still live with one kidney because the body doesn't use both of them it has two , because one is for a back up , however if the person only has one kidney and it was to fail then there is a risk of dying , hope i have helped you.

Why one kidney is larger in human body?

this could be caused by urine backing up to a kidney because of blockage .if there is no hydronephroses then the right kidney could be compensating for a smaller left kidney

Are the notes on the piano the only ones possible?

It depends on what you mean by "the only ones possible." Sounds can be produced that are much higher or lower than a piano, both in and out of the range of human hearing. There can also be tones in-between a piano's notes. This is what happens when a piano becomes out of tune, the pitch flattens. Th ( Full Answer )

How can humans survive with only one kidney?

Simple - humans only need half of one kidney to provide all the blood filtration necessary to maintain life. Having one whole kidney provides a 100% reserve in case of infection, illness or kidney disease. Having two kidneys is mostly a protective feature - if you lose one kidney, you still won't di ( Full Answer )

Is it ok for you to have only one kidney?

It is ok for you to have only one kidney. The kidneys are quiteamazing. The remaining kidney will often grow in size and willfunction very well on its own, easily taking over the job of themissing kidney. Someone with only one kidney should however becareful not to damage the remaining kidney with h ( Full Answer )