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It does not appear that true hurricanes can hit England. The cold water would cause any hurricane to weaken and lose its tropical characteristics. However, England can get hit by powerful post-tropical cyclones, storms that were formerly hurricanes.

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Q: Is it possible for a hurricane to hit England?
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Did the hurricane of 1938 hit New England?

Yes, the hurricane of 1938 did hit New England and caused a lot of damage.

When did the hurricane hit England?


Did the hurricane Irene hit England?

No. Hurricane Irene hit the U.S. east coast and then continue into the North Atlantic.

Name of hurricane that hit England in 1987?


Can a hurricane hit Canada?

Yes, everything is possible.

Is it even possible for a hurricane to hit Alberta Canada?


Will New England get a hurricane this summer?

There is no way of predicting what places will be hit by hurricanes in any hurricane season.

Did hurricane bill and grace hit the us in 2009?

Hurricane Bill hit the US near the New England states and continued to Canada. Grace was a tropical storm not a hurricane in 2009

When was the last time England was hit by hurricane?

1762. bad times

Is it possible for a major hurricane to hit new york city?

It is possible. Hurricane Gloria hit all of New York City and Lond Island in the 1980s. i am sure tht was a catigory 2 or 3

What are natural disasters that can happen during a hurricane?

floods are possible to happen during a hurricane such as Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans, Louisiana in America

Is it likely that a hurricane will hit Oakville Ontario?

No, Oakville is to far inland to be hit by a hurricane. It is possible for it to be affect by the remnants of a hurricane, but by that time they would be no stronger than an ordinary storm system.

What are the hurricanes that hit Massachusetts?

Hurricane Bob, Category 3, hit in August 1991 Hurricane Gloria, Category 4, hit in September-October 1985 Hurricane Donna, Category 5, hit August-September 1960 Hurricane Carol, Category 2, hit August-September 1954 Hurricane Edna, Category 3, hit September 1954 Great Atlantic Hurricane, Category 4 (but not at Massachusetts), hit September 1944 New England Hurricane, Category 1, September 1938 For more information, have a look at:

Has there ever been a hurricane in England?

Yes, there has been a hurricane in England

Did water rise in the city of providence during a hurricane?

Yes. Providence, Rhode Island was hit by the storm surge of the 1935 New England Hurricane.

Did hurricane Katrina hit at the same time hurricane Wilma hit?

No. Hurricane Katrina struck in August 2005 while Hurricane Wilma hit in October.

What year did hurricane Bertha hit?

hurricane bertha hit in 1996 this hurricane was really strong

Will Homestead Florida be hit by hurricane Irene?

No. Hurricane Irene has already miss Florida and is currently striking North Carolina. The storm is then expected to this New England.

Where is hurricane irean supposed to hit?

Hurricane Irene is expected to strike various locations along the U.S. east coast from North Carolina to New England.

When did the great New England hurricane hit land?

September 21, 1938, on Long Island, NY

Did Maryland ever get hit by a hurricane?

Yes, Maryland got hit by Hurricane Isabelle and Hurricane Irene.

What category was hurricane Katrina when it hit Florida?

Hurricane Katrina was a category 1 hurricane when it hit Florida.

What category was hurricane Wilma when it hit Florida?

Hurricane Wilma hit Florida as a category 3 hurricane.

Where did hurricane Doria hit?

hurricane doria hit land who cares!

Where did hurricane Amanda hit?

Hurricane Amanda hit Florida in 2008

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